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12 Best Android Games For Kids 2021 | Kids Fun Games

12 Best Android Games For Kids 2021 | Kids Fun Games


For your ultimate Best Android Games For Kids, my list of baby Games is centered on giving you the best so that you can keep your baby busy and occupied with fun educative games and features in the games. You can literally keep your kid in a certain place and be cooking or be busy with something else. You can come back to that same spot and find your kid still there, preoccupied and involved in the game.

The games I am about to list below are very addictive and will certainly increase your baby’s IQ. At this point, I want to welcome you to this special article, just particularly for the lovely cute babies around the world. Mothers and Fathers should endeavor to download a game and put a smile on their baby’s face.

List Of Best Android Games For Kids

Talking Baby Games For Kids

Here’s the first Game on my list of Best Android Games For Kids. I present to you my first baby game and a fun interactive baby game suitable for all android devices. This fun interactive game allows you to customize your baby into whatever outfit you please and choose between either a baby girl or a baby boy. You have the baby piano with cool chords and strings to put a smile on your kid’s face.

Now you have an amazing 3D high-quality graphics with a good voice interaction and baby’s mode. Now on the baby’s mode, the baby can get angry, keep a sad face, cry out loud, smile at you and laugh out loud, so everything you need to keep your kid at home preoccupied with fun activities is in this game.

The game is only 76mb in installation size, with over 1 million downloads for now.

Baby Phone-Games For Babies, Parents, and Families

This is an interesting educational music game for babies, children, parents as well as families. In this game, you can play various songs, lullabies, and rhymes and every other sound effect available in the game. The game is totally free so don’t think you will have to download any of the songs online.

This game will teach, educate and increase your baby’s ability to learn things easily. Your babies will not move from the spot they are until the game is done, very addictive and very entertaining. This game is downloaded and used by a lot of babies in America especially and other parts of the world.

Most kids nowadays, when they get a hold of your Android device the go straight to were the game section is and start playing the games available and most of the games on your Android are action, fighting, racing games that are hard for them to play and understand. But when you have games like this, it is way better. They learn music and numbers.

First Words For Baby

This game is very educative and helpful in introducing fun effective new words to your kid’s vocabulary. The game has a baby flashcard that will help keep track of the words your babies will learn, and also introduce objects to help your babies learn better.

You have 120 words in this game and about 11 flashcards. You have a pronunciation feature in the game to enable your kid to pronounce words well and monitor their pronunciation. Really amazing high-quality animation and colorful graphics and cool easy learning gaming techniques.

The basic and primary purpose of this app is to enable your kid to learn new words more efficiently and quicker. The controls in this game are very easy, simply tap on ‘play’ to pronounce any word that is displayed, also tap on the picture that will appear to listen, learn sounds and many more. This game is totally free and cheap to download, just 21mb in installation size.

Baby Numbers-Learn To Count

This game is an amazing educational baby game with the express purpose of learning numbers and also commit them to memory. Every number has an object or figure that represents them and that makes it easy for children to easily learn and never forget. Now this game not only allows your baby to learn numbers but also to play with the objects and figures that will appear in every scene.

Play with the objects, some may be piano, xylophone, flowers and so on. You have different languages to learn your numbers from because you are not only going to learn the numbers but will also listen to them.

Nice, soft sound with high-quality animations and colorful graphics. The game is ready to be played, download and put a smile on your baby’s face.

Baby Piano

Let your beautiful baby play with amazing sound from a colorful well-decorated piano and get excited with amazing fun animations. This game will help your kids to be used to music and the piano as well. and will literally educate their ears to the sounds and the music coming from the piano.

Learn how to play the piano in a classical way and there are several tutorials that will come up before you begin to play, these tutorials will guide your kids through a series of test to teach them how to play the piano and how to tune their ears towards musical sounds.

This game has 3 basic modes to play with, the classical mode, tutorial mode, and the karaoke mode.

Baby Run - Babysitter City Escape

This game is similar to temple run, subway surf and the rest but this particular unique baby game is totally for babies. In this free-running mode, take control and help the baby escape from the babysitter, running as fast as the baby can.

Just like in temple run, subway and the rest, your objective is to jump, run, roll, slide to avoid the obstacles from stopping you. You can get power-ups to power-up your baby and you can also customize your baby’s outfit to look different, change the cloth, the hair and even get gadgets to enable you to run or move faster.

This fun free endless running baby game is very addictive for kids and younger ones because it is easy to play with the help of some really cool sound effects in the background. The game is just 35mb in installation size.

Smart Baby: Baby Activities & Fun For Tiny Hands

Get to know how smart your baby is and increase his/her intelligence with this amazing fun baby game on my Best Android Games For Kids list. With over a 100, 000 downloads and 50mb in installation size, this app is helping parents bring up their babies to reach their full potential and become the new Einstein.

This is one the best baby simulation game so far, with smart touch for babies, laugh and play mode, amazing baby fireworks to keep your babies entertained and other amazing features.

You can be guaranteed the best fun baby learning activities from this game.

Baby Dream House

In this unique baby dream house, you have everything your baby will need to make the house comfortable enough for the baby to stay, fun toys, toilet, food and much more. toilet time is very important for your baby, that is why this game has that as a mode to help keep track of when the baby will go to the toilet.

Baby Care & Dress Up Kids Game

Dress up your favorite baby, choose their cloth from the array of baby clothes in the baby’s wardrobe. Dress as mommy and act as her as well, taking care of the babies and putting them to sleep singing lullabies and rhymes. There is a dress-up feature in the game that allows you to dress up the babies in baby cloth and baby style.

Get all the fun toys for your baby and get them ready for breakfast, launch or dinner. This game is one of the most popular game on google play store with over 10 million downloads, and just 62mb in installation size.

Sensory Baby Toddler Learning

This game will help develop your kid’s eye coordination skill and improve their learning capabilities, this is an educational beneficial game every family should have to keep their babies occupied. simulate the fishes underwater and enjoy an amazing visual simulation game with perfect animations.

Simple controls and features are easy to use and control like the scenes you can select from to have a cool view of the underwater which can help you control where the fishes swim to, the game also has gyro support. Now in case, your kid leaves the game for a bit, the game uses screen pinning to avoid it from locking.

You have various fishes with different colors and in different sizes to choose from, so download now and get entertained and educated because for young kids sensory simulation is important.

Baby Smart Games

Develop your kid’s intelligence and creativity by installing this game, it will help improve your kid’s ability to have a good readability when he/she is writing. Let your kids learn to write uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and know when a letter should be in uppercase or lowercase.

Baby Smart Games is ranking on google play store, with amazing animations, one of the Best Android Games For Kids. Your Kids can increase their ability to memorize things and their concentration. The game is very easy to handle. You have amazing sound effects and music to enable your kids to give a 100 percent concentration and increase their imagination skills. The game is just 35mb in installation size.

Learning Games For Babies 

This game is very helpful in preschool or kindergarten for babies and younger ones from 1 to 3 years old. The game is meant to help kids learn new words, learn shapes, animals, and colors.

The game is very easy and addictive with cool animations, match card on 10 boards. You have the animal puzzle mode that will help kids use the animals to learn new words and names of several animals. This is a special 4 puzzle free game on google play store for just 21mb.


Thank you for visiting this article and getting the necessary games to keep your baby entertained and occupied with fun educative activities. Now I will advise you to also keep an eye on the babies and the games as well, some annoying inappropriate ads might pop up and distract the baby from the task at hand.

Beejay adoghe I'm Beejay Adoghe, I have always been a lover of tech and gadgets and subsequently, this led to creating a top-notch platform where I could share free basic information about Tech that'll help lots of people fix problems and learn new Techy trends. P.S I love Singing and Playing the piano.


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