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15 Best Android Games Below 50MB | Top Lightweight Android Games

15 Best Android Games Below 50MB | Top Lightweight Android Games


In this article, you will get to see my list of best android games below 50mb.

Ever heard of the term lightweight? I remember when I first came across ”Lightweight Games for Android” I was confused at first but not anymore.

Lightweight games simply means ”Games that are not large in size”.

So, there you have it. Thank me later.

In this article, I have listed 15 awesome Android games below 50MB. And yes, these games can also be described as lightweight games.

so, in this post, you’ll find the top lightweight Android games.

In no particular order, here’s my exclusive list of the best lightweight Android games.

List of Best Android Games Below 50MB

  • Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving is an amazingly outstanding lightweight game for Android.

Confession time!  I am literally addicted to Dr driving, I’m not sure I can go 3 days without parking a car or driving the streets and evading cars and trucks at top speed.

Dr driving is literally 9.9 MB on Google play store, you really should check it out.

So, what say ye? Wanna test your driving abilities? Just click on the cute looking button below to download Dr driving.

  • Modern Sniper

Just looking at the thumbnail at the side would make you place this game from 100 MB to 1.5GB right? Well, this game is actually less than 50MB.

Modern Sniper is actually about 11MB on Google Play store.

I’m extremely astounded with the game’s visuals and I keep wondering how the VFX is so cool and yet under 50MB.

With over 50 missions, you are nowhere near having a bad experience playing this game.

  • Break The Prison

Quick question, Does this game remind you of prison break the TV series?

The amusement may look somewhat old school, yet as you go up through the levels the diversion turns out to be better and testing.

Game Theme: You have to finish a progression of missions to give the character a chance to escape from jail.

Game Features: 40 Game levels that show signs of increasing difficulty as you advance through the game.

Great LIght weight Game!

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  • Dash Quest Heroes

Dash quest heroes is a new classic endless runner RPG for android below 50mb.

In this game, you play as a hero of your village, your goal is to slay down the queen of goblins, and rescue all villagers kidnapped by goblins.

It is a one-handed android game, you just tap to attack, swipe to change lane. To complete your tasks you upgrade your skills, weapons, and armor by slaying down goblins.

  • Smash Anarchy Minion Shooter

Minion Shooter is another shooting game propelled as of late in google play store. In this Game, you shoot down each anyone who wants to the last coffee plant.

You need to secure that last coffee plant at all cost from those awful minions with a specific end goal to finish levels, You utilize your fruit gun to keep away all awful minions from the coffee plant.

They can come from any direction – be cautious, shoot down on sight. It’s an incredibly fun shooting game for android below 50 megabytes.

  • Major Mayhem

Major Mayhem is another darling worthy of being on our list of Android games below 50mb.

This Game is Based on shooting experience based on my perspective. This android game contains high illustrations recreations in a little pack.

There are Different levels and Different stories.

  • Sniper X with Jason Statham

If you love Shooting Games but your memory space won’t let you download the big games on play store, you need to check this out.

Expert rifleman X with Jason is a standout amongst other shooting games.

This Game has cool designs.

  • Asphalt Nitro

This Game is for racing fans.

Asphalt-top Nitro is a very cool android game below 50mb.

In this game, you can take control of finely crafted autos, for example, the Ferrari LaFerrari or Lamborghini Veneno in amazingly stunning locations.

Start up your Nitro and be the first to cross the end goal!

  • Stick Fight

This game is extremely addictive.

In this game, you need to shield yourself from the two sides and foes will assault you from both sides. You have the ability to purchase different weapons to help you.

Believe me when I say stick fight is one of the best android games below 50mb

  • Subway Surfers

I could literally be stoned to death if I don’t include Subway surfers on our list of Android games below 50mb.

Subway surfers is like one of the most played Android games in the world.

The task is quite simple, Run as fast as you can, dodge trains without making contact, Pick up cool and awesome power-ups in this arcade game that’s meant for lovers of fun only.

  • Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is a marvelous unending running Game.

You simply run and hop (when required) and avoid things to spare your character from the greater monkey by passing hindrances.

This game can be gotten for free from the Google Play store.

The fundamental objective of this game is to run to an ever-increasing extent, get more points, open new powers and characters.

Temple Run 2 is just 44MB in size.

  • NinJump

15 Best android games below 50 megabytes

NinJump is a cool android game below 50mb, in this game you have to move as high as you can and stay away from the malevolent squirrels, jump bombarding winged animals, enemy ninjas, tossing stars, detonating bombs and more!

The game is a standout amongst other android games below 50 megabytes.

  • Call of Duty: Heroes

Call of duty Heroes is a great game to have on your android device.

Fundamentally it’s an arcade online game. Call of duty Heroes requires data connectivity to work.

This is a war game, here you will have your own base. You can prepare your officers and go into battle with them. It’s just 44MB in size.


  • 3D Chess Game

15 Best android games below 50 megabytes

Chess, a game that requires brains. You need to think for a considerable measure of time with a specific end goal to win.

At any rate, there are huge amounts of chess games accessible on the play store, however, this is one of the best chess games for android. And it is lightweight too.

The span of the 3D Chess game is 6.9MB. It is far below 50 megabytes.

  • Cut the Rope 2

So, here goes the last but definitely not the least on our list of Best Android Games below 50mb.

Cut the rope is a sweet addictive game that you’ll love. Best part? It’s lightweight. You won’t have to delete other Apps to install this Android Game. Unless your space is quite low.



There you have it guys. This is my personal list of the top lightweight Android Games. If you are looking for the best Android racing games under 50mb or 50mb Action games. You’ll find it here.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it.

If you are not contented, you can find more Android games under 50mb here.

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