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12 Best Android Card Games That You Should Be Playing In 2018

12 Best Android Card Games That You Should Be Playing In 2018


Best Android Card Games 2018

Android Card Games

For your ultimate Best Android Card Games 2018, my list has the best and latest card games with the beautiful visuals and an interesting gameplay. Card games are very educative, addictive and easy to play for any age grade young or old.

If you are looking for the latest, problem-free card games at an affordable downloadable rate, then I suggest you look no further because my list of Best Android Card Games 2018 is comforting.



List Of Best Android Card Games 2018



Cover artFor those that are lovers of card games, this classic card game is one of the most popular card game on google play store with over 10 million downloads. Solitaire has several modes in which you can challenge yourself in, and a few draws you can play like draw 1 cards and draw 3 cards.

You can customize the game to get an unlimited personalization experience, you can change the backdrop of the game as well as the card backs to any available image in the game or from your mobile device’s image library.

Other important and helpful features in this game are the ability to undo, statistics, timer, the auto-complete option to enable you to finish your solved game, right-handed and left-handed options, portrait and landscape mode and many more.




Black Jack

Cover artLearn card counting, train, and master the art of the exciting casino blackjack, be the coded blackjack master with the awesome simulation of an actual realistic card game. Unlike some other card game, this card game is totally free, you never have to pay money for any chips.

Now if you are new to blackjack and you are here for the express purpose of becoming good at it, then you are at the right card game, there are tutorials and tips that will help you learn this game easily and quickly. A lot of blackjack rules will be stated in this game to help you play, this rule has been used by a lot of popular casinos.

Note: this game does not support real money gambling, you can’t win real money either can you win real prizes, and I will also add that the skills and chips you learn in this game do not guarantee success in the real world of blackjack. So just play.




FreeCell Solitaire

Cover artThis is one of the Best Android Card Games 2018 with a completely new look, newly updated features, and new challenging solitaire puzzles. Your game will be saved automatically if you get interrupted and you can exit and come back to the last step you were.

Your scoring has been updated to make it quick and easy for you to know your progress when playing. This is a fun brain training game, very addictive those lovers of card games looking for brain teasers.

This current version of FreeCell Solitaire is suitable for any Android device but varies in the installation size.




Spider Solitaire

Cover artSpider Solitaire is now available on Android devices for just 28mb in installation size. Play and customize your backdrop and the backs of the cards as well, play various suits, from suit 1 to 4, enjoy the unique classic gameplay of this game and the simple controls, Simply tap and drag the card you desire to move cards.

Even with empty slots in your pile, you can still deal as many cards as possible, with the unlimited card dealing feature. This game is compatible with any device from Android version 4.1 to date.





Cover artWhen it comes to this particular card game, what you play matters a lot, every card must be thought over thoroughly and properly before they are been played. The goal of the game is very simple, the last person to drop all his or her cards wins that round, so no matter what you play, always have in mind that you need to get rid of all your cards before your opponent does.

You can play against friends in the multiplayer mode or play against the computer and see who is better. The game is completely free, with no in-app purchases.


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29 Card Game

Cover art29 Card Game has a rich history, coming from where it all began, in the Netherlands, with a European family of the popular jass game, when it comes to 29 Card game the jack and the nine are the highest cards in every suit.

You have 32 cards from your standard 52 card pack which is been used to play with, every card available at the suit will be ranking from high to low as follows;  j-A-9-10-K-Q-8-7. Now I will list the value of the card with their designated points so that you can completely grasp the trick behind 29 card game; Jacks-3 point, Nine-2 points, Aces- point, Tens-1 point, other cards that were not stated earlier like the K, Q, 8, 7, do not have any point at all.

You can play against friends online, or through the Bluetooth multiplayer mode, it is pretty easy, all this for just 27mb in installation size.





Hearts is one of the most popular, challenging card game ever if you are playing against the computer, they are unforgiving and very hard to play against, so be careful and think smart. Hearts has some really amazing features like playing against opponents in online multiplayer mode, the ability to create and change your profile and avatar, the ability to change the color of the background to keep things interesting for yourself.

Some rules will be found in the settings area, choose between a ton of decks that are available and get statistics. This game has over 1 million downloads, but the size is not certain, might vary in different Android devices.




TriPeaks Solitaire

There is nothing much to say other than the fact that this is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best card solitaire games with an outstanding TriPeaks feature that has a lot of other free features that will enable you to get used to the game and enjoy the game as well.

Get unlimited deals of cards with the TriPeaks method and create and arrange your card pyramids with TriPeaks and some other amazing free card features. Let your cards come alive with amazing card animations, undo any action that you didn’t mean to take and continue the fun.

The controls are easy to learn and play, simply tap on any particular card that has a higher value than another card in your active card pile, now if there are literally no more valid moves, all you have to do is simply tap on the row of card that will be visibly seen next to your active card.




Pyramid Solitaire

Play a cool fun-filled card game in Pyramid Solitaire, make simple combinations of the available cards that will add up to 13 and once this is done it will remove all the cards, and most importantly once all the cards in the table are removed, you are automatically the winner.

Cards that will make up 13 are; Kings, Queens= 12, Jacks= 11.  The controls are pretty simple and easy to learn, simply tap on any card you want to replace with another card in your active pile and remove the card. If you feel you should check the status and progress of your game, don’t fail to check the leaderboard and see how good your performance has been.


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Millionaire Whot

Download and install this amazing card game on my list of the very Best Android Card Games 2018 and enjoy a fulfilling journey into the Eights family, this is basically what this game is based on. In the early years of the card game, this fun game was created and was made on a platform called the ‘Eights’ now it has transitioned into something bigger.

If you are working, and you have just returned from a very busy stressful work day, this particular game, among all other Best Android Card Game 2018 is perfect for you, keep your mind at ease and play and become a millionaire in the game. The game will help you to broaden your scope of how you see things and be more calculative in your dealings with others in the game and also in the real world.




9 Fun Card Games

Like the name of the game implies, there are up to 9 unique fun card games in this one app, 9 games that are simply amazing, that will totally blow your mind, I am talking about games like Classic Solitaire, Mahjong, Hearts, Vegas Poker, Rummy and many others.

Get on an amazing journey into the land of the very best card games on google play store and play anyone at your convenience, if you are feeling bored with any card game you can easily switch to another card game and continue instead of exiting the game. The game is just 51mb in installation size and is suitable for any Android device.




Callbreak Multiplayer

Callbreak Multiplayer presents a tricky fun card game to you from google play store with an amazing multiplayer mode that allows you to play with other card gamers like yourself online. The rules of the game are very simple, a standard classic 52-card deck between you and three other players, which will make four players playing in total with one objective in mind, winning the tournament.

The game will go on for five rounds, each round one player is meant to be will be eliminated based on how well they play. There are four different sitting positions in the game, so set the sitting positions at random to make it fun. Like I said before the rules of the game are pretty simple, each player at his position will draw up a card from his own deck, and the card



 Best Android Card Games

After all said and done, card games are totally the best way to kill time and completely get your brain’s juice fired up, with the Best Android Card Games 2018 listed above you can never get bored, these games are totally addictive and fun and totally good to relieve stress, take your time while playing, don’t rush into any decision and come out on top as the winner.

I really appreciate your time, effort and Data put into getting what you want from this article, thank you and till next time, take care.

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