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6 Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android ~ Blocking Guaranteed

6 Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android ~ Blocking Guaranteed


Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android 2019

Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android

When it comes to having the Best Ad Blocker apps For Android on your smartphone, it stops being one of those apps you want to get and starts being a necessity. Ad blocker apps are software, in which it’s one objective is to prevent advertisement that pop-up on pages online not to be displayed. So, if you got an ad blocker app you can literally surf the internet, play games or watch videos online without annoying ads popping up to distract or obstruct what you’re doing.

It is totally important to have an ad blocker app on your Android device, you might want to have more than one, but if you find the one ad blocker that is more effective than others, you definitely won’t need many. Ad blocker apps are totally free and cheap, available on google play store. Now there are a lot of them on google play store, some are ad blocker apps that have ads, it’s just so funny how it works, but others are genuinely Ad blocker apps that will keep your Android device safe from annoying ads.

Now, that is why I have put down this article with the 7 Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android, get ready for your smartphone to be an ads-free smartphone. Let’s begin!


List Of The Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android 2019

Adguard Content Blocker

Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android

AdGuard is one of the best ad blockers that works just fine, very cheap and very effective. AdGuard will run when you must have downloaded the app on your Android device and activate it, it’ll run in the background so that you can leave the app to access your browser. In addition, this ad blocker app will also filter itself you can be sure to not have a virus threat from the app or from online.

Adguard works perfectly on any Android device without any root required, and very safe too. Now, not only does this ad blocker app helps clear all ads from your browsers, but it will keep track of all ads that tried to pop-up at any time, on your browser. With Adguard as your number 1 ad blocker app on my list of Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android, any ad content that is not wanted will never show up on your browser.

This app is totally free, with an amazing UI design to go with the amazingness of this app, just 4.3MB in the installation size.






Free Ad Blocker Browser

Free Adblocker Browser is also another amazing ad blocker, one of the most popular ad blockers for Android, this app has helped a lot of people with their ads problem, I’m pretty confident it will help you too. This app doesn’t need root permission to run on your Android device, all you have to do is to click the download link below and download this app, install and start using the browser and experience ad-free browsing.

Now, like a browser extension that you might have on a PC, this app works on the background too as a background app, filters through traffic to give you the best. This app is like a browser on its own, you don’t need to open it and open another browser, with the ad-free browsing, you can do all your internet surfing with this app and it will be fast and secure.





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Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet

Adblocker Plus for Samsung Internet is totally the best and most popular ad blocker on google play store and any other play store. It can totally work on a rooted Samsung device and an unrooted Samsung device, but the downside is that this app works only on a Samsung smartphone, any other Android device, this app will refuse to install.

So, since this app works only on Samsung phones, therefore for all the Samsung users out there, this app can be literally the best ad blocker app you will ever see, and also the most popular and widely used amongst Samsung users. This app filters traffic on the internet, as any legitimate ad blocker app should, and can also run in the background, so multitask and still have this app working for you. Also very cheap this app is just 2.2MB in the installation size via google play store.






Adblock Fast

Adblock Fast is a fast, secure and an effective ad blocker app, very easy to use and is suitable for all Android devices. It’s an ads-free zone with this app around, you’ll hear no ads and see no ads, with this amazing ad blocker app. This app is not a browser, so, therefore, cannot be open as a browser, but it can work in the background allowing you the ability to open any browser and this app will simply block all ads coming in from any site.

No root required for this app, just so simple to install and activate, totally free and cheap as well. Unlike most Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android, this app is available on google play store and we get all our apps from google play store, which is more secure and faster than other apps store around.






CM Browser - Ad Blocker, Fast Download, Privacy

Now, you have to understand that there are a whole lot of ad blockers that are browsers out there, but none can be compared to this particular ad blocker browser. CM Browser is a special kind of browser. right from the beginning of this browser, it has always been secure, fast, and free from some kind of ads. You can hardly see ads in CM browser, not CM Browser – ad blocker, but now that CM browser has an ad blocker too, it will even be better, so those that have CM browser as their major browser on their Android device, can simply download this one and install as your new and most recent browser and be free to surf the internet without any ads problem.

With all the annoying traffic ads bring to your sites, with CM browser that is fast and secure you can watch videos online, no ads, download files, no ads, access sites and still no ads. Now, in addition to CM Browser, Google Chrome also has an ad blocker now, you can add that to your list and search for it on another app store, I couldn’t find it on google play store, as I said earlier most ad blocker apps are not available on google play store.





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AdBlocker Ultimate Browser

This Adblock Ultimate Browser is indeed an ultimate ad blocker, blocks everything and anything in its path, However, it’s a browser, you have going to have to download this app your new, major browser. If you want an ad-free browsing experience, you are going to sacrifice other browsers you hold dear and install this app as our new browser, with one objective in mind, block all ads as I surf the internet.

Now, unlike some Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android, this app consumes less battery than other ad blocker apps that are browsers. Having an ad blocker app that is an ad blocker browser, your battery life will never be the same, your battery will be drained than the normal, but this app offers a solution to that, less battery drained, all your ads blocked. This is an amazing ad blocker app, a little bit higher than some of the ad blocker app on my list of Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android, just 7.1MB in the installation size.


Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android

Ad blocker apps are available in Google Play Store, all you got to do is to click the download link below each of the ad blocker app on my list of Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android. None of the D blocker apps on my list are paid apps, all totally free, just download and install.

A lot of sites have ads, not just regular ads but some annoying ones that won’t go away, even when you exit them, they just keep coming back for more. So, you need at least an app from my list, they are all working perfectly, no ads in them though, can’t have an ad blocker app that has its own ads, now can I? Thanks so much for your time viewing this article, hope it has helped you get the Best Ad Blocker App that you need to solve all your ads problems.

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  1. Hi Mr. Joshua Udoh,
    I like most the CM browser for awesome ad blocking browsing. I want to start using it on my PC. I have readen a blog post about how to using an android app on a PC. They are suggesting BlueStacks emulator.

    But the problem is that BlueStacks software slowed my computer dangerously. As a result, I need to download the EXE of the CM browser for my Windows PC.

    Can you give me the setup file of the PC version of CM browser?

    Thanks for the above informative article.

    1. Thank you for your comment, I’m looking into your issue at the moment.
      send me your email, so that i can send a link that will help.

      I’m glad that the above article was helpful to you.


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