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12 Best Action Games For Android 2021 | Intense Action, Highly Addictive

12 Best Action Games For Android 2021 | Intense Action, Highly Addictive


When it comes to the category of the Best Action Games For Android, This category is topping the list of other categories. Action games can have a little adventure, a little bit of puzzle, some RPG characteristics and many more.

Action games travel far to bring the most exciting fun games that are totally worth your time. That is why the games that will be presented here today might contain some other subcategories of games.

Click on the link below each game to download immediately and begin to enjoy the action.

List Of Best Action Games For Android

Modern Combat 5

This game is as good as it looks on paper. Modern Combat 5 has an amazing action in store for you, gear up soldier, equip yourself with the most devastating weapons and bombs, dive into the battlefield and engage in an intense fast-paced battle with the bad guys. You can also play online, create a team and add all your friends to enjoy team play and test your tactics in a dynamic gameplay.

You can also play alone, shoot alone. Play solo missions and increase your playing ability, Activate some special skills to earn more points and improve on your skills. There are about 9 different playstyles in this game, choose the one that is suitable for you and begin playing. The graphics in this game is literally outstanding, the gameplay is off the charts and controls is so smooth and simple.

This game is 59mb in the download size, but you will need to download an additional resource file to play it. Once you have downloaded the file, it will begin to load, you will need an internet connection to play this game. That is probably the downside of this game.


Shadow Gun is one of the best third person shooters action game for Android. This game has one of the sharpest looking graphics and smooth gameplay. Engage in a unique killing spree, kill as many enemies as you can and upgrade your weapons to look better and shoot better as well.

There are two game modes available in this game, the Deathmatch and the Zone Control. When selecting your weapons, you have a wide array of weapons to choose from, you have submachine guns, bombs, landmines, assault rifles and many more. There are literally about 20 guns to choose from and use. You can also engage in a realistic PvP shooting session.

Play well and stand a chance of earning some features like perks, which will help increase your chances of winning. You can also create your very own war, your tactics, rules and improve your game pattern. This game is 35mb in download size but will require additional files to play.

Guns Of Boom

Best Action Games For Android

This is one of the finest action games that has been created so far, with a unique dope graphics, smooth gameplay, and simple controls. Do yourself a favor and download this game because Guns Of Boom is a very special game. I have never seen a game like this before. Guns Of Boom is a top-notch multiplayer game, with a whole lot of feature that will totally keep you glued to your Android screens and get you addicted.

Gear up, equip the important weapons you need for the fight, and go in search of your enemy and eliminate them. The graphics are clear like vivid, that is how the developers of this game give it. Create your own character and you can also form a team or ‘clan’ as it is called. There are regular updates that will be installed in this game from time to time, increasing the game’s capacity and improving the true gaming experience.

Although the controls of this game are pretty easy, the skill-set is not as easy as that. This game requires a stable internet connection to be able to open and play. With over 10 million downloads so far. This game is 98mb in the installation size.

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Dead Trigger 2

This is an amazing fast-paced action zombie game, with 3d graphics and smooth controls. In this zombie game, you have full control of the character. You can go to any point in the game and view. There are several types of modes available in this game, you can test your skills in the survival mode.

Now, before we go into all the features of the game, you need to know this amazing game will need an additional file to open. The first installation file size is just 25mb, one the resource file is downloaded and installed, you can start enjoying the game. The graphics in this game is totally amazing, you have a realistic surrounding in the game, also I will tell you about the gameplay of this game, totally off the chart.

You have tournaments, missions, tons of features, a real-time storyline and many more.


PUBG Mobile is an amazing high-quality graphics and HD audio intense fast-paced action game, totally free and offers in-app purchases that might not be compatible with all Android devices.  The action-adventure in this game is amazingly outstanding. The game pattern is very easy and simple to use, your objective is vivid as ever. You and 99 other players will parachute down from a plane and land on a large remote island.

Players have to locate an object of interest and scavenge for their own weapons and supplies, even vehicles as well. Be aware of every player that will be coming against you in the game, it is every man for himself. Stay alive, and be the one standing at the end as the winner. A wide HD map will be available at the corner of the screen tap and view and see where you are, where your opponents are and strategize on how to beat them. This game will need a persistent and stable internet connection.

Zombie Frontier 3

Kill all the nasty zombies attacking you. The storyline of this game is pretty simple, you might want to understand what the game is like through the storyline. The story is very simple, a virus was created in the lab, but test subjects were needed to test this on some patience. Somehow the virus escaped and turned everybody it came in contact with. The whole place had to be put on lockdown, awaiting your arrival to attack and take back their land from them.

You have over 120 levels to play through and realistic high-quality 3d graphics. Survive the battle and live to fight another day. This FPS game is one of the Best Action Games, with a lot of shooting action. Once you download the game you will understand better. The game is just 78mbin installation size.

Gangstar Vegas - Mafia Game

Rule the city of sin in Gangstar Vegas one of the rawest action games on google play store, probably one of the top 5 Action games. Become a legend in the city of Vegas, know your enemies and rule your yard. You have a lot of friends and enemies in Gangstar Vegas so keep your eyes open and your ears peeled.

You will be given missions to complete, one after the other, do so as fast as you can. Get all the latest guns that are available to buy and use them to kill any gang that has a beef with you and plans to get rid of you. The action in this game is non-stop, literally endless and very addictive. You can also buy cars and drive the latest, finest and fastest cars available.

Your objective is to clear your name, you were framed by the mobs as an MMA fighter. For that, the fight that you won which you weren’t supposed to win, was a set-up to take the fall for someone else. Find those that framed you kill the necessary people and get the truth from the right man to clear your name. This game is a large file game so be prepared to download up to 1.5GB of game file to play. No internet connection required.

N.O.V.A Legacy

Fight against the alien force that will try to contend with you, hunting you down and trying to kill you. Craft your weapons buy dangerous weapons from the weapon’s arsenal. There are 19 action-packed levels in this game, with dope graphics and decent gameplay. Really nice audio keeps the fun going for you in this Best Action Game For Android.

You have various game modes, the story mode to give the action game a cool adventure. Shadows missions are also available as well as special ops mode. Go on special missions that you will be assigned personally to kill aliens. N.O.V.A is just 35mb in the installation size, very easy to install and simple to play.

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Xenowerk is a new hot Sci-fi action game, with over 1 million downloads and just 22mb in the installation size, small. Xenowerk is an amazing action shooter HD game with dope graphics, satisfying gameplay, and beautiful audio representation. First, the features of this unique game are so many, from dual-stick controls, a whole lot of weapons to the leaderboard. The leaderboard is to help you keep track of your progress in the game and help you know what you have to do to move ahead in stages.

There are 70 challenging levels infested with various ugly looking mutants. Your main objective is to ensure that the nest or gathering of all the mutants don’t grow and spread, so eliminate all mutant as you spot them. Don’t allow any mutant to go scot-free or unkilled. You have all the firepower at your disposal, a lot of weapons in your arsenal, gather all and update the rest for future purpose. Special powers and boost are also available, only activate when you are in a tight spot while fighting and need something big.

Forces Of Freedom

Forces Of Freedom is a real-time action-packed combat game. Go on several tactical mission with your crew, equip the latest and most destructive guns in your arsenal. Your team can compose of 3 to 5 fighters, so you will have to select which kind of gun goes to a particular teammate. Once that is done, activate bombs and landmines also.

This game has an intense PvP mode, go 5v5 rounds. Like I said earlier, your team may comprise of more than 3 fighters, so choose your 5 and take them to battle against the enemy’s 5. You as the leader can choose to play in this game as the sniper or as the automatic rifleman. This game has the 1960’s environment graphics set-up, smooth controls allow you to move the player with ease. You can go online and switch to the multiplayer mode. This game is 68mb in the installation size.

Sniper Strike

Engage yourself in an intense rapid-fire battle action game experience, team up with allies and other strike force members. Equip weapons and other heavy firepower. simulate through three different game modes, also play in an awesome PvP sniper mode. Get involved in the rescue operation and rescue hostages from the other team.

The more you play this game, the more you get better at it and win more battles and progress to the next level. Upgrade your weapons and buy other higher grade weapons. Always ensure that your sniper rifles are well adjusted, upgraded and ready for killing. The new feature that has been added to this game is the new and improved misc gameplay balancing fixes and tweaks as well. You can also invite other clan members to help you out in the combat battle action and there is a group chat forum that has been added to help you stay connected to them even when you are not playing immediately.

This new and improved feature was added on August 15, 2018, and has made the game become more interesting and entertaining with dope graphics.


Action games are always fun, played all around the world by everyone. One of the downsides of action games on my list is that most of the action games are online games that require an internet connection to play, and have a very large resource file that can be sometimes annoying. I just want to say, thank you guys for viewing and always staying to the end, till next time guys, see ya!

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