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12 Best Beer Apps For Android 2021 | 18+ Only

12 Best Beer Apps For Android 2021 | 18+ Only


Everything you want to know about beer, how to make it at home, and how you can socialize with other beers fans out there is right here waiting for you, I have the best beer apps for android on my list below.

These apps might be new to some people, but should not be a surprise to my beer friends out there.

These apps will help intensify your beer experience if you’re up to the age of 18 and be able to walk into a bar and say;

“I want a pint and a pickled egg” then the barman checks your ID and says “coming right up”.

That’s cool right?


If you’re not up to the age of 18, please exit this post and check out our other amazing articles.

Let’s begin.

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List Of The Best Beer Apps For Android

  • Calculate Beer

Like the name implies, the duty of this to calculate and store your homebrew recipes. It is very possible to make beer in the comfort of your home that is why we have apps like this to guide you through the process.

This app makes it easy for you to get new recipes and even create new amazing beer recipes that have ner been made before.

You can start your own bar with those amazing recipes and be the king of beers.

  • Untappd – Discover Beer

The second app on my list of best beer apps for Android is Untappd. Reach into your untapped resources of locations of beer venues that you know and share them with your friends and drinking buddies.

It’s no fun going out alone to grab a beer or two, that’s why you need to link up with friends and your close drinking buddies to a bar near you. You can share the location of the bar from the app to all your friends and they will meet you there in no time.

You can also discover new bars near you and check them out in your spare time. This app makes drinking beer easy.

  • Craft Beer Kings

Use this app to create and craft your beer cover or label. You see beers like Budweiser, … and how they look, outstanding right? that is how you can as well craft a new look for your beer.

If you are looking to open a bar and create new beer recipes using one of the apps above, then you might need this app to craft a beer logo and design.

Get the full feature now and hit the download link below and get this app while it’s still affordable via the download size.

  • Beer Tasting

This is by far the best beer tasting app for android you will ever find. Customize your beer cellar and get the best beer tasting statistics.

When you go out to grab a beer and you decide to try a new beer, you never forget it does you? You can record that beer in your app ad check out another one the next day if you wish.

You can also share that beer tasting experience with friends and get connected to many more bars near you.

  • BJCP 2015 Beer Styles

This is another unique beer app for android, check out different kind of beers that you never thought were there. You see beers ranging from dark European lager to British bitter and many more kinds of beer.

The list goes on and on, that is why you need to hit that download link and try out this app right away.

There is no end to the categories of beers that are available in this app, share these experiences with friends, and let them join you to try out this beer wherever they are.

  • Brewee – breweries navigator & craft beer locator

Are you freakishly into drinking beer almost on a regular basis and in search of breweries close to where you stay, then you just stumbled upon the best app for your device?

This is a breweries navigator app, locate your craft beer spot now and get the best beer brewed to the finest quality.

This app has the largest collection and records of all the best breweries and craft beer locations all around the world. All you need to do is get the app and find the one near you.

  • Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine

If you are a fan of creating and recreating your own beer, then this app is perfect for you. Find the best recipes to make a rich beer. Get insight into the mind of other beer crafters and practical breweries ideas.

Take notes and ideas from top amazing brewers, use their idea and knowledge to craft your own beer mix. You have access to a large database of a lot of beer recipes, products, and pieces of equipment from all around the world.

Use the magazine to know where you are, keep track of your progress if you wish to learn from any of the best brewers on the app.

  • Beers

Beers, my favorite, I personally drink beer every week with my buddies, how about you? I’m sure if you’re here checking out this article then you’re already a beer fan.

Create an amazing collection of different beers, take notes of several bees that you have taken. this app does not require an internet connection, so you’re free to play around with the app for free without stress.

This app has a good user interface to help you connect and have a large collection of all the beer you want to add and also be able to reach them with ease.

  • Brewfather

This right here is the king app in a cauldron of thorny beer apps for android. The Brewfather has a list of all the beer recipes that you could ever find anywhere else. You don’t need to go buy a book on how to brew a pint or how to make amazing beer recipes when you have an android device.

Tap that download link below and get this app now, it’s free and very easy to use, with a smooth user interface. There are amazing styles and custom bates that you can use to add to your recipes for a more perfect brew.

There is also a fermentation chart to keep you updated on your progress in making the beer. That is why you need this app, a book won’t give you these features.

  • Craft Beer Passport

Get connected to several bars near you from just the comfort of your home, you don’t need to go out taking a long drive or stroll looking for a new bar in town to wet your wishtle.

Use this app now and get connected with ease. Search for bars and breweries around your location and this app will narrow down the search and give you the best from what you searched for.

You can search via the kind of beer you wish to drink, and get hooked up with bars that sell those beers.

This app is free and easy to use, get one of this now and start sharing your experience with friends. You can invite your friends to download the apps as well to enjoy the experience that you will soon be enjoying.

  • Beer Buddy – Drink with me!

Here’s another app worthy to be on my list of best beer apps for android. Grab a beer with your buddy or tag along with friends. Do you have that one friend that always seems to know the best a new spot in town to go hang out and grab a bottle of beer? He might be using this app and you don’t know.

This app also has amazing drinking games like never have I ever, virtual happy hour, and lots more. I have personally played never have I ever with friends and it’s an intense but fun game to play with close friends.

Try out new bars and beer recipes with friends when you got this app, link up and locate your friends, then link up and have a great time together with your favorite or newly brewed beer.

  • Brew Tracker

Last but not least on my list of best beer apps for android is Brew Tracker. Brew tracker is an amazing tracking app that tracks your progress when you’re trying to create a new beer recipe. It’s not easy but it works. The user interface is good and easy to use.

This app is fully functional for those that wish to brew their own beer at home. You get recipes, fermentation dates, and time logs to use to create and perfect your beer recipe.

As you proceed in creating an outstanding beer, make notes that you can come back to and also maybe share with friends and family. Just as you can brew a hot cup of coffee at home, you can also brew a cool pint every morning.


Let’s call it a day, for now, I will like to stop at the number 12 for 12 best beer apps for android, because any other beer app on the google play store might either not be compactible with some devices or tend to misbehave later.

As you can see, it’s important to get at least one neer app on your device, so for all my beer fans out there, let’s get this done.

Drop a question at the comment section and I will get back to you on that.

Thank you and goodbye.

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