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Quick Way To Save Contacts To Google: Backup For Life

Quick Way To Save Contacts To Google: Backup For Life

Losing a phone has various setbacks, losing your contacts is one of the major setbacks. Why?

Well, there are some very important contacts you know you might never get your hands on again thus putting you at a point of regret.

If you have ever misplaced your device without backing up your contacts or copying them out on a diary then you totally know how hurting it can be to lose contacts.

The old and unorthodox way of saving your contacts has always been, copying out all the numbers on your phone into a diary.

Now the big question would be.   what if you have over 2500 contacts?. It would probably take forever to copy all out.


Now for me? I save all my contacts on my Gmail (google mail). so if I ever lose my phone or change my phone I don’t have to copy contacts to/from a book or sim card to my new phone.

Saving contacts to your Gmail account is one of the best ways to ensure you of a secured contact list.

To restore saved contacts on Google all you have to do is sign in to your Gmail account and your contacts will be automatically synchronized with my new device.


How To Save Contacts To Google From Android.

I’ll show you some easy to understand steps to backup contacts to your google account.

Now if you don’t have a Google account on your device, lets briefly touch that before proceeding with backing up. If you already have a Google account on your phone, skip this step.

Creating A Google Account With Your Android device

Step 1:
Go to Settings on your device.
Step 2:
Navigate to Accounts and tap on it.
backup phone contacts to google

Step 3:

You’ll then see a list of other registered accounts, If you don’t see any list, just ignore. Click on Add account.

backup phone contacts to google


Step 4:

Navigate through the list of accounts and select Google.

backup phone contacts to google


Step 5:
A questionnaire/survey will pop up, correctly fill in your details, choose a Gmail name and password that you won’t easily forget and there you have it. Your google account has been created.

Now let’s move on.

Saving contacts to google.

This will only work if you have a successfully logged in Google account on your Phone.
The images below are from an android marshmallow. yours might differ but the steps are all the same.
Step 1: 

Open your phone contacts and tap on the utility/option button, and you will see an option like Import/export. Click on it.

backup contacts to google
Step 2:
Another interface will pop up asking you where you want to copy From. You can select from the listed options (Service provider or phone contacts). and tap NEXT.
backup contacts to gmail android
Step 3:
You will then see another interface asking you where you want to copy toSelect your google account.
backup contacts to google
Step 4:
Select all the contacts you want to back up on your google account and tap NEXT.
backup contacts to google

You should now see a notification telling you how many contacts were copied successfully.


backup contacts to google



Backing up contacts to Gmail is by far the best way to ensure a secured contact list. Like I said earlier, Restoring backed up contacts just requires google account login on your new device. though for some devices, Your permission will be required for restoration.

here is a short descriptive video on how to save contacts to google.

If after this thread you have any issues backing up your contacts to your Gmail account, kindly drop your comment


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  1. Thanks for the info. However, when I’m choosing where to backup to, it only offers me 2 radio button choices: sd card or internal storage. I have my gmail account set up on the phone but it doesnt provide that as a choice. I also went into “manage contacts” and chose storage location. It has been set to “phone” but I tried changeing that to my gmail account and it didn’t do anything. Perhaps it only applies for new contacts added after I change the setting. Also how do I know if I have the Marshmallow version of android? My system update status only gives me a long alphanumeric for the version. Thanks!


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