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Top 11 Avatar Maker Apps For Android 2021 | Cartoon Yourself!

Top 11 Avatar Maker Apps For Android 2021 | Cartoon Yourself!


Ever wondered how the cartoon version of you would look like? Well, I have.

You don’t need to use 2D animation software to cartoon yourself. I have listed in this article 11 great avatar maker apps for Android that you can use to cartoon yourself in minutes.

All the Apps listed are very easy to use, simply go through them and pick your favorite.

Ready? Here goes!

List of Best Avatar Maker Apps For Android

So, What app lets you create your own avatar? Here there are;

  • Mirror Avatar Maker

Meet the first on my list of best avatar maker apps for Android 2021, this particular app has lots of goodies that you’ll love. It helps you create personalized avatars. What I like most about it is, after you create your avatar, you can have different variations of your created avatar.

All you need to do to create one is to open the app and take a selfie or upload a photo of yourself and allow the app to do its job. From the app, you can share your avatar across social media platforms.

As an extra, you get a meme generator and creator and also GIFs.

Mirror Avatar Maker

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  • Bitmoji

With over a 100 million installs, bitmoji could literally be referred to as the king of avatars. If you want to cartoon yourself try Bitmoji. Its size on varies per device. It is quite easy to use. After creating an avatar of yourself, you can easily export and use it on other social media platforms.

While creating your avatar, you can pick from hundreds of options to make your avatar look just how you want it.

  • Face Avatar Maker Creator

Meet Face avatar maker creator, one of the best avatar apps I have used on my android device. You can create male or female characters with these apps and you also have lots of options to choose from. There are also lots of funny accessories you can use. If you want to use an avatar as your profile picture on any social media platform, this app can do a great job in creating one for you.

Feel free to explore the amazing options and features.

  • Avatoon – Avatar Creator & Emoji Me

Wow your friends and followers with an avatar image that looks almost like you. They’ll ask, “what app did you use?”. The ladies will love this one, you can dress up your avatar in various attires available in the App.

It might not be easy to create an avatar that’ll look 100% like you, but with the help of this app and a couple of tries, you should have your avatar ready for use.

Avatoon - Avatar Creator & Emoji Me
  • Oh My Doll – Avatar Creator

This one makes avatars that look different from what other apps create. I don’t fancy this app a lot but my girlfriend loved it so I’ll include it here for her. (Let love lead)!

Oh my doll allows you to choose from different hair styles, eyes, skin tone, lips and more to make it look more like you. You’ll have to be creative if you want to make one that looks like you. You can also dress up the avatar in different clothes available on the App.

Oh My Doll - Avatar Creator
  • Anime Avatar Creator

If you are an anime lover, don’t worry, I got you covered. with the anime avatar creator you can finally create an anime avatar for yourself. Isn’t that awesome? You can choose from various templates, facial expressions and different kinds of emotions.

You also get the ability to edit how you want the hair and eyes to look. Saving your anime avatar your gallery is literally a click away. Download this anime creator app and thank me later.

Anime Avatar Creator
  • 3D Avatar Creator | Bemoji

Meet Bemoji one of the best avatar maker apps 2021, I have used this app a couple of times to create amazing avatars. The app provides you with an almost endless list of face characters and outfit options to choose from. You can also use this avatar creator app to make stickers and share on Whatsapp, Facebook and just about any social media platform.

What are you waiting for? Download now and create an avatar that looks just like you.

3D Avatar Creator | Bemoji
  • Cartoon Maker- Avatar Creator

What is the best avatar app for Android? Well, it’s one that you can easily use to create a cartoon image of yourself that looks almost like you. A lot of apps fall in this category and another special one worthy of note is Cartoon Maker- Avatar Creator. It is quite different from the rest. With this avatar maker app, you also get to choose from different options.

It is very easy to use and allows you to customize your cartoon character for social media use.

Cartoon Maker- Avatar Creator
  • Anime Avatar Maker | Innov App

Here’s another great app on my list of avatar maker apps Android 2021. I think this is the most less complicated avatar maker app. The other ones are not so complicated, but this one makes them seem complicated.

You can choose the color of skin, eyes, beard type, hair, and more. It might not look 100% like you but if you are creative enough, your friends would be able to tell that it looks like you.

Anime Avatar Maker  Innov App
  • FaceQ

You can make funny looking avatars with this App. If you are looking for fun, this is the avatar maker app to download. You don’t need to know how to draw or be the best painter in the world to create an avatar using this app. Just combine face parts and that’s all.

Use FaceQ to create cartoon characters that’ll please you. You can even make them say things. Install and thank me later.

FaceQ avatar maker
  • MojiPop

The last and one of the best on my list of avatar makers apps android 2021 is Mojipop. With this app you don’t just get an avatar maker you also get an amazing emoji keyboard and camera. Using this app is easy, simply take a selfie, and enjoy the stickers (yes, it’s automated).

Feeling creative? You can also create an avatar with this app, there are lots of options to choose from. Mojipop is amazing!


There you have it. With these avatar maker apps for android 2021, you can cartoon yourself and share it with your friends across almost all social media platforms. If you ask me “What is the best free avatar creator?” I’d say Bitmoji, it has been around for a while and has an also endless list of options to choose from while creating your avatar.

That’s a wrap. Happy creating! You could call me to check out your created avatar via the comment section and I’ll take a look.

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