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I'm Beejay Adoghe, I have always been a lover of tech and gadgets and subsequently, this led to creating a top-notch platform where I could share free basic information about Tech that'll help lots of people fix problems and learn new Techy trends. P.S I love Singing and Playing the piano.

[GUIDE] How To Insert A Text Box Into Google Docs 2020

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I’m here with yet another exciting Google docs article that would like. In this article, You’ll learn how to insert a text box into google docs. A text box can come in handy when you are writing a piece and you want to draw people’s attention to specific points. Adding a text box gives an […]

Top-Tier 10 Best Tethering Apps For Android 2020

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The best way to share your phone’s internet connection is via tethering. In this article, I have selected 12 of the best tethering Apps for Android. All the apps listed in this article have been tested and are trusted by me. Big question: Why would I want to download a tethering app? Almost all Android […]

Top-Tier 10 Best Wifi Text Messaging Apps For Android 2020

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In this article, I will share with you 10 of the best Wifi text messaging Apps for Android. What does this mean? It means with these apps you will be able to send Text messages, MMS, and even call your friends over a wifi connection. That’s cool right? I know! I have taken the time […]

Top-Tier 10 Best Dog Whistle Apps For Android 2020

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Hello dog lovers. What kind of dog do you have, a Neapolitan, bull mastiff? Caucasian? I have done my research on some of the best dog whistle Apps for Android and I gathered 10 of the very best. You can use these apps to train your dog. I know a lot of people who do […]