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I'm Beejay Adoghe, I have always been a lover of tech and gadgets and subsequently, this led to creating a top-notch platform where I could share free basic information about Tech that'll help lots of people fix problems and learn new Techy trends. P.S I love Singing and Playing the piano.

4G vs 5G Comparison

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Cellular technology has evolved in the recent past. The fourth-generation wireless technology (4G) changed the lives of many mobile phone users. It offered lower latency and faster speeds than LTE mobile networks. Several countries started testing the fifth generation technology (5G) in 2019. But, many people have a murky understanding of the differences between the […]

How To Perform Reverse Image Search With One Click

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If you talk about tasks related to computing and compare them on the basis of difficulty, there is nothing easier than copying and pasting. Everyone is aware of the shortcuts (CTRL + C and CTRL +V). Even school going kids can perform these tasks. It is a pleasant fact that you can perform a reverse […]

Now You Can Have Technology And Therapy Done Safely

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There are a lot of persons who have challenging times and that makes it difficult for them to keep their cool. Sometimes, these things need the use of medications in the form of tablets, liquids, or syrups while some others need therapeutic measures. The health sector is undergoing a major transformation, and as such, a […]

4 Ways Technology Has Improved Therapy Treatment

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Therapy is one of the ways used to help people get out of illnesses that drugs are not the final solution to. People go through challenges and issues that they cannot help themselves out of and as such they drown in these issues. Social methods, psychological methods, nutritional methods, and more, as well as the […]