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My name is Joshua Udoh, your Favorite Apps and Games guy on Techytab. I love writing Articles for you guys to help solve all your Tech-related issues, I also love Art and drawing.

15 Best Puzzle Games For Android 2020 Guaranteed To Kill Boredom

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Alright, users, this article is basically about the best puzzle games for android that will literally blow your mind and drive away boredom, so let’s get started. Now first off, a puzzle as defined in the dictionary is anything in particular that is hard and difficult to understand or make sense. Now don’t get scared […]

10 Best Apps To Hide Photos and Videos On Android | 2020 Best Vaults

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Our personal documents are all packed up in a smartphone that we carry around. 99 out of 100 people will surely have specific private documents that will be best hidden from others. It’s necessary you keep specific files private because you never know when your phone will fall into the wrong hands. As an Android […]

10 Best News Apps For Android 2020 | Top Free News Apps

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I can remember when information was passed through newspapers and other old means of passing information. But now technology has made things change with the aid of smartphones, we can actually have access to news from certain Apps on our Android devices. Growing up as a kid I never really liked the news, I’d literally […]

12 Best Voice Changer Apps For Android 2020 | Free Download

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With improved technology going on daily, Lots of new apps are being developed. In this article, I’ll be discussing some of the best and coolest voice changer apps for android. Voice changer app is a good entertainment app and can change your identity by changing your voice, you can use it to prank your friends […]