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Are These The Best TVs For Live Streaming?


It’s not very often that a company releases a TV without a smart platform these days. Alas, not all of these brand-new smart TVs are created equal – especially when it comes to live-streaming. Here, we’ll be looking at the best smart TVs that are on the market right now that offer great picture quality, plenty of streaming services and access to leading web browsers where you can find online games. They’re all-rounders that are sure to fit into any budget while still offering the very best smart TVs have to offer:


Let’s start off with a favourite amongst TV techies: the LG B8. Available in both 55” and 65” models, the LG B8 delivers a near perfect picture quality that is on par with the much more expensive LG C8. It has a wide colour gamut, perfect blacks and bright highlights that look great whether you’re streaming a 4K movie, cheering on live sports or playing games. Speaking of games, you can easily download dozens of different apps including Twitch, or download one of the many web browsers available to play anything on the internet from live casino games onlineto MMORPGs. When it comes to gaming on your TV, the graphics won’t get much better than those on the LG B8. 

Sony X900F

If you’re looking for a more mid-range smart TV for live-streaming, the Sony X900F has got you covered. Sure, the colour quality and viewing angles may not be quite as astonishing as the LGB8, but this Sony model is definitely not one to be overlooked. The picture quality is still just as good as top-range Samsung models, due to better dark room performance, vivid highlights and deeper blacks. Plus, the motion handling is fantastic, with the TV responding almost instantaneously so you’ll rarely experience lag when switching between streams or playing online games. Really, the only smart TV with a lower input lag is the Samsung NU8000, but you’d be downgrading in plenty of other areas like picture quality if you go for that one. 

TCL R617

Not everyone has the money to spend on fancy TVs, so it’s great that TCL are consistently putting out affordable units that can compete with the big, fancy brands. This year’s model is the TCL R617, a4K TV that runs Rokuto create an extremely user-friendly smart TV experience. Sure, it doesn’t have the picture quality or response time of the LG B8 or the Sony X900F, but it doesn’t look horrible or move at a snail’s pace either. Black are deep, it has local dimming to create crisp images and the brightness levels are almost off the charts. The TCL R617 is sure to be the best budget choice for anyone who wants a smart TV, whether they’re live-streaming games or playing their own.

This year, smart TVs really have become the norm with few companies even producing TVs that don’t come with a smart platform. Of all the offerings though, the LG B8, Sony X900F and TCL R617 certainly seem to be favourites.

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