Home Daily Tech News Android Pie (Android 9.0) is official, rolling out to Pixel phones
Android Pie (Android 9.0) is official, rolling out to Pixel phones

Android Pie (Android 9.0) is official, rolling out to Pixel phones


Android Pie – Pixel Phones


Google on Monday officially announced Android P stands for Andriod Pie, Succeeding the Andriod Oreo. The update will begin rolling out to Pixel phones and will go out to other devices that participated in the Android P Beta Program, devices like (Sony, Xiaomi, HMD Global, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, and Essential) by the end of this fall. Essential says that they are pushing Android Pie to the Essential Phone the same day as Google’s Pixel phones are getting the update.

The name

The Android P was a bit hard to predict because a lot of desserts starts with P, unlike the Andriod Oreo. When Google revealed the name for Android Oreo last year, it wasn’t all that surprising not many desserts names start with the letter O and the ones that start are not cool to hear.

What’s new in Android 9.0 Pie?

If you’ve been following Android P beta since March, you would have noticed few new things in this release. All the new features we’ve been testing in the Android P beta builds have made it to this release and make it official. Those new features include:

  • Adaptive Battery: Adaptive Battery is particularly interesting, as it learns to understand your usage and prioritize battery power on the apps and services you use most often.
  • Adaptive Brightness: Adaptive Brightness, which automatically adjusts the brightness of your screen based on your preferences and environment.
  • App Actions: App Actions, which predicts what you’ll want to do next based on your context as quickly as possible. It also allows a developer to interact with Google Assistant, your phone’s Launcher, the Play Store, and other Google products.
  • App Slices: App Slices are similar to App Actions, but they appear in the Google Search bar. The feature shows relevant information from your favorite apps when you need it. For instance, if you type “Restaurant” in Search, an app slice might appear to show the prices for food and closest Restaurant to you, meanwhile, App Slices won’t be rolling out until “later this fall.”
  • New gesture navigation: Android 9.0 Pie features a new way to navigate around your device. Most people use the navigation app for driving or walking outside. However, that is about to change. A new feature in Android 9.0 Pie includes added support for “Wi-Fi Round Trip Time,” which allows for more specific positioning through Wi-Fi.
  • Better Security and privacy features: Android 9.0 Pie features a number of new options to make your phone more secure. The most exciting security update is the encryption. Android 9.0 Pie now perform client-side encryption. Data encryption or decryption will now happen on your phone and will require authentication from your phone (password, PIN, pattern).

Inclusive emoji

Android Pie brings introduces 157 new emoji, There a lot of gender-less emoji coming to with android Pie, not leaving behind emojis with multiple skin tones and hair colors (or no hair at all) as well. If you wish to see the new emojis, you can get a glimpse at Emojipedia.

Digital Wellbeing and the Android Dashboard

This feature includes Dashboard that shows you how you’re spending time on your device, how long you’re using your phone to send messages, surf the internet, and even make calls; App Timer one of Digital wellbeing feature that lets you set time limits on apps  like YouTube, and pop out the icon on your home screen when the time is up; the Wind Down Mode. the feature helps Google Assistant to know when you would like to go to bed, and it will automatically switch your phone to Do Not Disturb mode and fades the screen to grayscale before bedtime.

The Digital Wellbeing features aren’t available yet, but those on Google Pixel devices can sign up for the beta. It will officially roll out later this fall alongside with App Slices, with support for Android One devices

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