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Android or iOS to win the market share war in 2019?

Android or iOS to win the market share war in 2019?


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Tea or coffee, cats or dogs, Android or iOS? It’s one of those preferences that people seem to define themselves by. Between them, Apple’s iOS system and Google’s Android account for most of the smartphone market and over the last few years, there has been much conversation over which system is better.

The flashy marketing of Apple and the iOS system has sucked in many users, but the practical benefits of the Android system are becoming more obvious to many smartphone users.

It did seem that the financial success of Apple knew no bounds, but the company has had a rocky start to 2019 with sales declining year on year and the company’s value falling below Alphabet, the parent company of Google.

This followed a bad end of 2018 where iPhone sales dipped, especially for the festive period when revenues are traditionally strongest in relation to the yearly performance. Bad news for iOS, but great for Android.

Developers are catching on

The ongoing battle is interesting news for software developers who have traditionally developed high-profile apps for iPhone first, before adapting for use on Android phones, if at all, an infuriating predicament for Android users.

Increasingly, companies are now focusing on developing apps for both operating systems simultaneously. Developers for gaming companies like online casinos release apps to Android and iOS  operating systems.

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Some developers concentrate on cross-platform app development to reduce production time, writing code that can operate across the rival systems.

This dual trend will continue in 2019 if the early indicators of Android success are anything to go by.

Globally, Android phones already have the larger consumer base, but iOS is dominant in key markets such as America, though with the slowdown in Apple sales this could change. There are several strong arguments in favour of the Android operating system that may see the balance tipped towards Android in 2019.

Android trumping iOS in multiple areas

One benefit of the Android operating system is the choice of phones available. Whereas iOS is exclusive to the Apple iPhone, the Android operating system is used across many brands of phone, offering the user a far greater range of choice.

In fact, user choice and customisation are two of the key advantages the Android system has over iOS. There’s an Android phone suitable for almost anyone. Whereas the iPhone is one of the most expensive phones on the market, Androids are available at varying price points, making them more accessible to all sorts of people.

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Android has the edge over iOS in terms of the number of apps available to users. While Apple maintains a tight hold over its app store, Google Play allows access to some amazing user-created apps.

Android is also ahead of the game in terms of free apps, as the quantity of free apps available through the Google Play store trumps those available for iOS.

The Android system offers greater freedom to customise the user experience, especially on-screen appearance. Multiple launchers are available for Android devices that allow the user to download a completely different look and feel to update their phone. This element of being able to personalise your user experience is something that is just not available in the same way on iOS.

Yet another edge that Android phones hold over iOS is the option to increase storage capacity. The iPhone comes with a set storage limit, and if you want more, you must buy another model at a significant cost. The difference between a 64G iPhone and a 256G can be hundreds of pounds, with many Android devices you have the option to simply purchase an additional microSD card at a fraction of the cost. The choice is a no-brainer.

Times are changing

With the falling sales reported by Apple at the start of this year, it seems that some consumers are losing faith in iOS as Apple keep pushing more and more expensive phones.

Whilst the exclusivity of the latest Apple phone might appeal to people who care more about fashion than function, more and more people are being swayed towards the practicality and choice offered by the Android operating system.

2019 could very well be a good year for Android phones.

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