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Android Hidden Game On Android Kitkat, Marshmallow, And Lollipop

Android Hidden Game On Android Kitkat, Marshmallow, And Lollipop

Most people tend to get tired of downloaded games on their phones, if you belong to that category of people or out of curiosity you just want to know how to find the supposed hidden or secret games on your android device, in a bit I’ll show you how to find secret games on your android device.

What are these Android hidden games?

Android hidden games on your android device are games that are played with certain objects used as game graphics, the graphic is not as cool as your contemporary GTA V or HALO.

LOL no.
These games are embedded on almost all android versions with no file download needed. There are basically two different games that we are going to talk about.
The first is on your android device, you can access/play it from your device settings.
The second is also on your android device and your can play it from your google chrome App.
moving on;
The hidden android games I’ll show you in this post is only for KitKat, marshmallow, and lollipop. if your android device version is not listed above, you might as well try the steps, there are almost the same for all android versions.
Okay, after all that being said. I’ll quickly show you how to find these games.

Android Hidden Game KitKat

If your device runs on KitKat, here’s how to locate the hidden game.
Step 1.

On your device, go to settings and scroll down to about phone, open it and tap on Android version, tap it continuously for 6 times. As indicated in the image below.


if tapping continuously doesn’t work, I’ll suggest tapping on your Android version continuously and very fast till the KitKat interface/logo appears.
Step 2.
When the KitKat logo appears, you’ll have to tap on it for about 6 times again. 
Step 3:
Now another interface will pop up, tap and hold for 2 seconds.
And there you have it, you will then see this game below.
Now for some of you that will find this game confusing, the aim of this game is to tap the biggest same color tiles to remove them and empty the screen, I found this game to be the least of all the hidden android games, but you can try it out. who knows, you might love it.

Android Hidden Game On Lollipop

If your device runs on Lollipop, here’s how to locate the game
Step 1: 
Go to settings on your android and navigate to about phone, locate Android version and tap on it fast for about 6 times, below is an illustrative image.
Step 2:
When step 1 is complete you’ll then see an interface with the lollipop logo, tap on the lollipop logo for about 6 times and on the 6th hold for 2 seconds.
Now your game should pop up on your android lollipop device as the one on the image below, i found this game to be quite cool, though extremely difficult. If you can scale through 5 lollipops then you truly deserve an award.
The aim of this game is to successfully control the android object through a series of moving lollipops.
Android Hidden Game On Marshmallow
Nope, the marshmallow users are not left out on the hidden game discovery, theirs is like that of the lollipop, but a bit hybrid.
Step 1:
Go to settings on your android marshmallow, navigate to about phone, tap on android version fast for about 6 times.
Step 2:
An interface will pop up with the marshmallow logo, tap on it 6 times and on the 6th time hold for 2 seconds.
A game interface having the likes of the lollipop object game should now pop up, but this time customized in marshmallow way.


Android Hidden Game On Chrome Browser

The last secret/hidden game i’ll talk about is on chrome browser, This game can only be played when you have no internet connection or your phone is on airplane mode. In this game your task is to successively control the dinosaur over a series of cactus plants. I enjoyed this game the most.
Google actually placed this dinosaur game on chrome browser so that you can play with it whenever your internet connection is not available.
here is how you can play this game.
  • Make sure your cellular data or WiFi connection is turned off.
  • Now, Open Google chrome browser on your phone, and try to open any website { you’ll then see the dinosaur as shown in the image below }
  • Tap on the dinosaur to start the game, the ground below the dinosaur will start moving.
  • All you have to do to play the game is to tap the screen to make the dinosaur jump over obstacles.
  • Scores will automatically increase relatively to the number of obstacles avoided.
So there you have it, these are basically the hidden/secret games on your android device that we have discovered, you can also check facebook hidden games for a list of hidden games on facebook messenger.
Feel free to drop comments if we missed anything.
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  • Interesting post. I love the dinosaur game in Google chrome. Its very cool and fun filled while the others aren't very interesting.

  • The Adroid game DOESNT work. As soon as I hold on the android interface, the screen goes back to settings, instead of fed to the hidden game.