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14 Best Android Games Without In-App Purchases | Amazing Picks

14 Best Android Games Without In-App Purchases | Amazing Picks


Android Games Without In-App Purchases

Alright gamers,  I am here to answer the question that has been on your minds, “which Android games are without in-app purchase”? On my list of Best Android Games Without In-App Purchases, there are tons of exciting games on google play store that can be played without in-app purchase.

So then, my list of Best Android Games Without In-App Purchase will help you enjoy unlimited access to really exciting games.

List Of Best Android Games Without In-App Purchases

Fighting Tiger: Liberal

So, the first game on my list of best Android games without In-App purchases is Fighting Tiger. This game is an active power packed fighting game. You will be playing the role of Gin, the major fighter and your objective is simply to fight your way out of the gang you’re in and in the process gotta rescue your girlfriend.

Note this, you won’t be in a one-on-one brawl, but you’ll be in a fight with more than one opponent at once.
There will be weapons available, just laying there on the ground, waiting for you to pick it up and fight back at your opponents. But regardless, there are various moves at your disposal, which you can master and use to defend yourself from incoming attacks.


This is by far, for chess players out there one of the best puzzle game with no in-app purchase, although it has a few Ads here and there.
Al Factory Limited, a developer available on google play store creates different sorts of android games, such as checkers, Hearts, Euchre, Sudoku, Chess and many more.

This is a board game created for 2 players. This game is played on a square board with smaller squares (64 in number) the squares are in default black and white. The color of the squares can be changed to other available board colors in the options menu.

Both players will start the game with 16 pieces of their “chess piece” each. You have on your board, 8 pawns in front, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops at the far end of the board, one queen and one king.

Wicked Lair

wow, now this game is what am talking about, decent graphics, cool gameplay and you’re not the hero or actor or the good guy. You’re the bad guy, cool right?

Players have been afforded the ability to summon over 100 creatures, use powerful traps and spells and also construct 9 dungeons. In your dungeons, you can adjust the depth and add as many minions and monsters at your disposal.
As the bad guy in this game, your main objective is to dispatch assailants into the nearby towns to destroy the towns before their lairs are raided by the heroes.

Sweet Fruit Candy

This game is an amazing elimination match-3 game. This game is played by millions all over the world, exercising their brain in exploring the world of Fruit Candy. You have over 1,500 levels to play and enormous challenges to pass.

This game is an awesome candy puzzle game, suitable for both adults and children from all languages and countries. If you’re ever bored, this game is just perfect for you, use it to kill boredom. Sweet Fruit Candy is rated 4.5 on google play store with over a thousand downloads. The game just contains a few Ads with no In-App Purchase.


CrossCraze is a really fulfilling Crossword game amongst all other related puzzle games. The game has an absolutely stunning graphics and a whole lot of options. CrossCraze brings you to a wordplay world to a whole different level.

CrossCraze is a single player wordplay mode that allows you to select an opponent to test your own skills. The game has no in-App purchases, no irritating Ads, dope graphics and wonderful effects. The game contains 4 million+ words with a good vocabulary.

CrossCraze is an amazingly refreshing puzzle game with an efficient game statistics, this game can be played on an Android or Tablet device.

ATV Extreme Winter

Hop on your motorcycle, start the engine and get ready because Extreme Winter is about to get extreme, where everywhere is covered in ice. Don’t forget to wear your gloves and helmet.

This fast-speed ATV challenge game is really cool with the challenges and tricks in the game that has never been done before. The graphics of this game is something to talk about, pretty amazing with wonderful sounds and tracks.

Shoot Bubble Deluxe

This is a classical deluxe version, an astonishing bubble shooting buster game that has both the Arcade and Puzzle mode in one.

This game is very easy to play, all you have to do is ignore the arrows at the bottom of the screen, simply tap on your game board on your screen and choose where you intend the ball to be. To level up in this game kindly combine 3 or more of your bubbles so that they will burst.

Also, in addition, your bubbles will gradually descend, so you need to shoot as fast as possible to stay alive. The puzzle mode has up to 300 amazing levels to shoot all the bubbles you can.

NOTE: The very first 100 levels are gotten from all frozen bubbles While the remaining levels can be created yourself.


This is a free, no in-app purchase rhythmic game. This game offers a couple of tracks and a decent control, with great visuals.

I’m glad there is a rhythmic game feature on my list of best android games without in-app purchases. You have a lot of tracks to play and over 100 hundred songs to download and play.
Install the songs in the game and begin playing. Very beautifully created with unique song porting ability. Following the instructions in the game, you simply play by swiping and tapping on the screen when necessary.

Geometry Dash SubZero

Following the previous game on my list of best android games without in-app purchases, this is also a rhythmic element game. Also the latest geometry dash in the series amongst all others.
For those out there who are usually strict and skeptical when it comes to playing games on their Android device, this game is for you.
This game offers a unique gameplay and cool graphic control.

Freja And The Sequel

This is one classic funny horror adventure game on my list of Best Android Games Without In-App Purchases. You play the role of Freja, a crazy character who is searching for, and eventually meets other similar characters.

Your objective is to defend and restrain characters like Foxy, Bonnie, Chica and other ugly enemies from your bedroom as you try your very best to stay alive till morning.

You have in this game, a lot of messed up humor, violence, strong language and horror actions, so keep the game away from kids.

Jigsaw Puzzle

I was a bit skeptical about including this game on my list of Android Games Without In-App Purchases. Jigsaw Puzzle features decent visuals, good controls, a lot of unique and a little-complicated jigsaw puzzles, amazing pictures, and the puzzle. Every achievement completed attracts a bonus reward.

This game is quite okay, no in-app purchase, just a few Ads and it’s compatible with any Android device. This game is completely free and enjoyable, you can play this game wherever and whenever you want.

Jigsaw is an amazing image puzzle game that requires of you to assemble the pieces of images. This game on my list of Best Android Games Without In-App Purchases is meant to relax your brain, give you relief from stress and engage you in some fun active puzzle experience.


I’m really surprised at this game, it’s a fun, deep, action-packed game that is totally free. A dope game such as this shouldn’t be this free. The game has a few Ads but no in-app purchase.
decent graphics suitable for all screen types and inches. This is also an RPG action game with really simple mechanics.

Cube Escape Series

This cube escape is an incredible adventure packed puzzle game with puzzle genres. It’s really not that new to google play store but now has a couple of downloads and view in recent times.
Your objective basically is to know whats really going on, following the storyline of the game, finding a lot of clues, figuring out what they mean and putting them together.
The graphics in this game is not all that good but activities that occur in the game are really quick and fun.

Marble Puzzle

This is a marble shooting puzzle game with really great HD graphics and difficult challenges. You need to shoot marbles out to blast the marbles that match the color of your own marble that was shot from your machine. The marbles will be moving sometimes in a ring form or a complicated spiral form, you need to be precise and quick.

As you shoot by touching the screen indicating where you desire your marble to be shot, try to make a lot of combos and chains as many as you can to get a really high score and progress to the next challenge.

The game has 150+ levels to blast your way through. Really amazing effects in the game, it really keeps things interesting. The game is suitable and compatible for all Android users.


In the end, android games are pretty amazing you know, some persons will say most Android games without in-app purchases are not that much fun compared to those with in-app purchases. But, I’m sure now that after you must have downloaded and installed one or more games from my list of Best Android Games Without In-app Purchases, you will agree that games without the in-app purchase are pretty amazing too.

Finally, I want to say a big thank you to my viewers for sticking around to the end and finding that favorite Android game that suits you. Till next time, Adios!

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