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Top 11 Android Flashlight Apps To Get You Through Darkness

Top 11 Android Flashlight Apps To Get You Through Darkness


No one loves the dark. Uhm, if you love the dark, then I think that’s weird.

When we were kids, remember we were always scared that something might creep out of the shadows.

Funny thing is, nothing has. (YET!)

In this article, I will show you some of the best android flashlight Apps 2020 that will fight off the darkness.

All the apps listed in this post are free, some might contain ads that might mess with user experience, but they work amazingly well.

Here goes;

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List of Best Android Flashlight Apps 2020

  • Flashlight | Lighthouse

Find your keys in the dark, read a book at night or check on your children while they are asleep with this unique flashlight app for Android. It is easy to use. It’s like plug and play, all you need to do is download and use. Some of its features include; color screen flashlight, compass, and map and even Morse code flashlight for SOS which comes in handy when you are in trouble, lost or need help.

Flashlight Lighthouse
  • Flashlight | FreeApps

I like this android flashlight app because it does not have annoying ads. You won’t mistakenly click on an Ad when trying to turn on your flashlight. If your Android device has an accelerometer, you can turn on/off this flashlight by simply shaking your device. It also comes with a widget so you can easily access the flashlight App. You’ll love it.

Flashlight | FreeApps
  • Bright Screen + LED Flashlight

If you want extra, you can check this Android flashlight app that works from your phone screen giving you more brightness. You can use your LED light or screen to brighten up the place. Although this App contains ad that tends to mess with user experience from time to time, it isn’t totally annoying.

You’d still get the illumination you want. Download brightscreen flashlight Android app and you’d thank me later.

It can work on almost all Android phone brands.

bright screen
  • White Screen Flashlight

Just like the previous Android flashlight App, this one also utilizes your Android screen to give you top notch illumination. You can increase and reduce the brightness of the flashlight from the App. It’s amazing.

I remember the first time I used one of these, I was amazed. It features a do not go to sleep mode, it has an SOS mode and lots more. Don’t worry, it is lightweight and will take a tiny amount of space on your Android device.

White Screen Flashlight
  • Flashlight & LED Torch

Say hello to this amazing App that is totally worthy of being on my list of flashlight Apps 2020. Before I tell you a little about this App, you should know that the app will require camera permission, but don’t be scared, it won’t snap you while you’re in the bathroom.

Here are some features, it has a strobe mode with a very sensitive frequency controller, it also has an SOS mode that can be used when in distress. The User interface is amazing.

Flashlight & LED Torch
  • LED Flashlight HD + SOS

If I were to suggest the best flashlight SOS app for you, I’d mention LED Flashlight HD. It is amazing and you should definitely download it if you want the best SOS flashlight app for Android. The SOS button is very easy to locate and it also has a battery indicator that tells you the current percentage of your battery without having to swipe and check.

It also has a button that turns on the flash for only 60 seconds. Cool right? I know!

LED Flashlight HD + SOS
  • Flashlight timer & police siren SOS

Want a little more extra? Then check this out. It’s a flashlight app that has an SOS light and police siren. It has a time that can be set for 1 minute and even up to 3 hours, when the timer terminates the flashlight and siren will be turned off.

Its flashlight strobe feature works like magic, just set it how you want it. It also has the bright-screen mode and can change to about 13 different colors.

  • Color LED Flashlight Selene & FLASH

Say hello to my mom’s favorite of all the Android flashlight apps 2020. She’s uses this app all the time, I guess it is because of the strobe mode that works similarly to an actual torchlight. It has a battery indicator, SOS mode and for party lovers, it has a disco mode where you’d have different colors flash randomly. You’ll love this one if you are into house parties but don’t have a party bulb.

  • Disco Light™ LED Flashlight

Here’s one for the disco lovers, this flashlight app can be used for your parties. It gives your party the kind of feel you’d get if you where in a real disco hall. It has a Morse mode that can flash your custom set text in Morse code. It also has a shake it mode that turns the flashlight on and off when you are dancing with it.

You’d enjoy this app trust me!

  • White Light Flashlight

Here is another sweetheart, it is one of those rare flashlight apps for Android that doesn’t display annoying ads. You’d totally enjoy using this one. No ads, and no unnecessary permissions.

It has a adjustable widget that can be used from the home screen of your Android device, this app is also lightweight. I love the light and dark theme mode.

White Light Flashlight
  • Flashlight | Splend Apps

Looking for a simple android flashlight application? Here’s one. This is by far the most simple and easy to use flashlight app I have ever come across. This flashlight provides the brightest light possible. You can decide to use the back flash or your phone screen, either way it is easy to use, user friendly and one of the best Android flashlight Apps 2020.


So, you’ve seen my list of Android flashlight apps 2020, what do you think about these apps? Are you using one already or do you have a favorite flashlight App for Android that isn’t listed in this article. Let me know in the comment section and I’ll add it immediately I review it.

One more thing, give me a thumbs up by simply sharing this article with your friends.

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