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9 Android Apps That Pay Real Money | Best Picks In 2021

9 Android Apps That Pay Real Money | Best Picks In 2021


Wanna earn cool cash while operating your Android device? Here’s where I come in. In this article, I have listed out 9 Android Apps that pay you real money.

You’ll surely love these Apps.

Android Apps that pay you money either from home or on the go, are all the rave right now.

With these apps, you can give yourself a treat without breaking the piggy. 

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List of Android Apps that Pay Real money


Cover art

Here’s the second Android App. It’s called Etsy.

The app itself is called Sell on Etsy. Artists, craftsmen, and creators of decorative things can really find a market here.

You can manage your shop, your orders, and listings.

You can also chat with potential buyers. This app helps you make a couple of bucks by getting people to buy what you sometimes may have done out of boredom.

Amazon Seller

Cover artAmazon seller is the 2nd App on our list. As an online shopping site, Amazon has almost everything.

The range of items available on Amazon gets better when people like you and I sell our stuff. The best part is that you get this for free, with only a $0.99 charge on every item sold or a $39.99 charge per month regardless of the number of items sold.


Cover artEver taken a picture on your phone and thought “Woah, this looks good?” Well, you can sell that good picture and make $5 from it.

All you have to do is upload it and sell it through the Foap market. Each photo costs $10 to buy but the creators get $5 and the other half is transferred to your bank account. The best part of this is that you can upload photos from any photography app like Instagram, Flickr, etc.

Cool right? Yeah I know

Cash Pirate

Cover artWith this app, you get paid to watch short videos, download free apps and games, answer regular surveys and even trying free product trials form SponsorPay, TrialPay, and aarki.

When you refer people to the app, you get 10% of whatever they earn and 5% of whatever the people they refer earn.

They pay per activity done, is measured in points and 1000 points equals $1. You can start cashing out when you have 2500 pints.

Surveys on the go

Android Apps That Earn You MoneyWe definitely can’t talk about Android Apps that earn you money without mentioning Survey Apps. Surveys on the go is another survey app but unlike Google Opinion Rewards, it pays in cash such that you could earn up to $5 for your opinion.

The surveys are usually about stuff like movies, ongoing shows, and products you’ve used and only take a few minutes. The limitation with this app is that surveys are only available in the United States so it might not be beneficial to those that aren’t in the States.


Android Apps That Earn You MoneyI personally love the idea of this app. It pays you to do things in your local area like visit restaurants and retail outlets.

It’s great to get to know your immediate environment, meet new people and best of all, make money. You’re usually required to show some form of evidence like a picture of the interior décor or the receipt you get. There are also other tasks like making a video talking about your experience with a service.

If you love to move around a lot and try out new places, this app is definitely for you.

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Uber Driver

This app needs no introduction.

While it requires a higher level of commitment than the apps listed above, it can make you more money than those ones with up to $10 for one ride, depending on the destination.

A couple of rides a day and you’re sure to be able to make enough money to get you something fancy.


Android Apps That Earn You MoneyOur list of Android Apps that you can make money from can never be complete without including Freelancing Apps.

If you are good with photoshop, or creative writing, Fiverr marketplace is a great place for you. Here’s how Fiverr works. A seller (YOU) creates GIG’s, a buyer sees your GIG and pays for it. You deliver the job to the buyer and funds get released to you immediately.

You can make up to $1000 weekly from Fiverr. This is actually dependent on a whole lot of factors. You can read more about how to create a Fiverr Account.


These are some of the best Android Apps that earn you money. As always, let us know if you have any favorites that we missed. Thank you!

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