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12 Best Android Apps For Health And Fitness | Apps to Keep Fit

12 Best Android Apps For Health And Fitness | Apps to Keep Fit


There is nothing you can do for your body that is better than getting in shape and staying healthy. With the help of these best android apps for health and fitness, you’ll be on your way to getting that amazing body you crave for.

So, most of us are totally lazy when it comes to hitting the gym. There’s good news though.

health and fitness apps lower all of the bad things like (cholesterol etc) and heightens all of the good things (muscles etc).

Here are the best android health and fitness apps.

List: 12 Best Android Apps For Health  And Fitness

Google Fit

Google Fit has been existing for a while now. It additionally will get generic additions to its feature record.

Now, It’s one of the crucial best health apps out there.

Its nice function is its complete integration with Android wears which makes this a must-try alternative for individuals who rock a smartwatch.

On prime of that, Y’all get stats to investigate, ambitions to conquer, and various forms of tracking.

It covers all of the normal facets needed.

It is usually utterly free.

It’s also well rated by a way number of individuals.

Couch To 5k By Rundouble

Android apps for fitness and health

Couch to 5K is a fitness app that saves you from being out of shape to being ready to run a 5K marathon race.

It has MyFitnessPal integration, allows you to create music playlists to work out to, and various tracking features for when you go out running.

The app also includes 0k to 10K, 5K to 10K, and half marathon training programs you can follow as well.

The free version is a trial and the full version costs $1.60 as an in-app purchase.

It’s one of the more decent fitness apps, also one of the best android apps for health and fitness that keeps you in the best shape ever.


Android apps for fitness and health

Endomondo is considered one of the greatest android apps for health and fitness. With it, you can track your health and performance, and a big record of alternative things to do.

The app is free to use, but you can additionally pay for the subscription service.

You could be able to create a private training plan, analyze heart rate, and a number of extra elements.

It’s standard and individuals appear to love it due to the fact that of its facets.


Android apps for fitness and health

Jefit could be your individual coach and there are very few motives why you will have to let it be that.

It involves a database with over 1300 workout routines that include animations that help us find out how to do specific exercises.

There is additionally the commonplace fitness tracking along with fitness plans. There’s even a social section of which you can become a member.

It’s incredibly rated and free to make use of and likewise one of the most satisfactory android apps for health and fitness.

My Fitness Pal

Android apps for fitness and health

MyFitnessPal is among the most standard android health and fitness apps. It helps monitor calories with a database of over six million distinctive foods.

It involves recipes, water monitoring, weight reduction goals, and lots more. The app additionally logs your undertaking. You comfortably inform the app what you have finished and it’ll not forget.

That makes it excellent as a partner app for different fitness apps.

The only downside is that it has a subscription mannequin that isn’t low priced.

Usually fitness expenditures money, we guess.

Progress Fitness Tracker

Android apps for fitness and health

The progress fitness tracker app comprises constructed-in exercise regimens for you to follow.

The app relies on a time trial style system of motivation.

It also a good watching app and it also has an exceptional user interface.

Run Keeper

Android apps for fitness and health

RunKeeper makes a specialty being an efficiency tracker for runners.

Which you could create strolling routes, maintain monitor of your efficiency, create health plans. It does aid in different forms of exercise which is a fine contact.

It is usually built-in into a bunch of alternative fitness apps and fitness contraptions.

Fit Note

Android apps for fitness and health

FitNotes by James gay does the reverse by letting you do what you do and with ease offering to hold a log of it.

It’s a free app that facets no advertisement. It entails an undertaking database to help you thoroughly categorize your workouts. It has a workout log to enable you to monitor what you are doing.

That you could  create customized routines and exercises tailor-made to your self.


Android apps for health and fitness

Runtastic is one more one of the vital fashionable health and exercise apps.

This wonderful app has Android wear support that helps as good as GPS monitoring to your jogging, strolling, biking, and running routes.

This involves quite a lot of health tracking together with graphs, customizable dashboard so you simplest get the info you want.

It also integrates a number of colossal-title track apps so that you may hearken to tunes even as you figure out and that makes it cozier to make use of.

That you could get probably the most performance without cost.

You’ll have got to get the subscription in an effort to get all of the elements.

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Android apps for fitness and health

Strava is a favorite among most of all of the well being and health apps.

The app involves a fun leaderboard set up the place you could compete with your self, your acquaintances, humans to your field, and pros to peer how you stack up.

Strava particularly does an exceptional job of bringing the social part of pastime to the forefront. The UI is smooth and friendly and top-rate users get much more facets.

It’s an overall positive expertise, principally when you are social and an aggressive variety too.

Yoga Daily Fitness

Android apps for fitness and health

Yoga everyday fitness is one of the few just right free health apps.

This one has all of the basics, including step-via-step recommendations, yoga tune, alarms, and more.

The one drawback is that it’s strictly an app for novices.

This app is strictly made for learners, that’s why I choose it as one of the most pleasant android apps for health and fitness, in as much as it helps beginners turn experts.


Android apps for fitness and health

Sworkit helps to be your personal trainer, it tries to help you out with some health routine, without requiring you to go to the gymnasium.

The app has a quantity of constructed-in pastime regimens relying on what you need and that includes yoga. The app entails over one hundred sixty workouts that you may craft yours with.

It is free without any in-app purchases and it’s lighter.

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