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Chrome Browser  v51.0.2704.81, New Features I Bet You Don’t Know.

Chrome Browser v51.0.2704.81, New Features I Bet You Don’t Know.


Download Latest Google Chrome With Easy Tab Switching

Google Chrome browser is by far one of the best browsers on mobile and PC When it comes to speed, user friendliness, privacy, and security. Chrome browser depicts most of the features of a modern web browser. Main features include data savings, great synchronization and lots more. 
well that’s basically some of the features on previous versions.

Now if you haven’t updated to the latest version of Google Chrome yet, you are totally missing on something very cool.

The latest version of Google chrome (v51.0)  adds tab switching like never before. 
–You don’t have to click any hardware button or key to switch between tabs. 
Now its just so simple and user friendly. Now without much explanations, I’ll show you how to easily switch between tabs in Google Chrome mobile browser. 


First cool feature. 

The first cool feature has to do with tabs, after adding as much tabs as you want, switching between them is just like opening the pages of a book or swiping your thumb over something. 
You don’t need a manual to this.
Just put your thumb or any finger that’s convenient on the address bar and SWIPE either right or left to switch between tabs.

chrome mobile browser tab switch feature

Moving through your tabs becomes so easy and stress free. 

Second cool feature

The second method is like the first, specifically for (tabs). This feature is somewhat like the older way of pressing your recent apps hardware button which will then bring up your most recent apps including tabs from Chrome browser. 

Now you don’t have to click the recent tabs menu to switch between tabs, but do a simple tap and drag down.

To easily switch between tabs in Chrome mobile browser, simply place your thumb(or any other finger) any where around the address bar and drag downwards. Your list of  tabs will come up.
chrome tab switching
you can to scroll up ⬆  or down ⬇ to select the tab you want from the list of tabs. 

cool right?
Third cool feature

Incognito browsing.
If you don’t want Google Chrome to save a record of what you visit and download, you can browse the web in incognito mode.
chrome incognito android

How to go incognito on chrome mobile browser.

You can open an incognito window on your mobile device by a tap on your Google chromes utility button and then tapping on New incognito tab. You can switch between an incognito window and any regular window you have opened, you will only be in incognito mode when you are using the incognito window.
NOTE: Incognito mode only prevents chrome from saving your site visit activity. it wont stop other sources from seeing your browsing activity,
  • Your Internet service provider
  • The website you visit.

This simply means you are not INVINCIBLE or INVISIBLE.

Extra cool features

Easiest Way To Zoom Pages In Google Chrome Mobile Browser 

Everything is just becoming easier as technology advances. Bigger computers, chips etc become smaller and easy to use.

Instead of placing your two fingers on a page to zoom in or out, just double tap(2 times) on the area you wish to zoom in or out, in the second tap, your thumb should still be placed on the screen. Then, drag your finger up or down to either zoom in or out the page.

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You can download the latest version of Google chrome directly from  google play store.

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