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6 Hidden Gem Apps to Transform Your Android into Modern Entertainment Powerhouse

6 Hidden Gem Apps to Transform Your Android into Modern Entertainment Powerhouse


The dominance of social media and web browser apps has given many Android users a false sense of how powerful their devices have truly become.

While there are several apps that have become the standard in the realms of entertainment, there are others, hidden gems of apps, which prove that the capacity of our favorite handheld devices is much greater than some would believe. Here, we’re delving into the apps which have evolved to broaden the horizon of high-tech enjoyment on mobiles. From tuning-in to venturing into new realms of reality, these are the top six hidden gem apps that will transform your Android into a hub of modern entertainment.

Expanding the functionality and choices beyond the earphones

With convenience, information, conversation, and often without cost, podcasts have become all the rage. Many great apps compile thousands of podcasts from different presenters, but the one that stands out as a true hidden gem is Castbox. It hosts all of the biggest and most popular podcasts, but Castbox is also filled with exclusive, unique shows that are integrated through its community hub. Along with these, there’re also options to listen to live radio. In total, the slick, award-winning podcast app features over 95 million audio titles, ranging from podcasts to audiobooks.If you prefer to just listen to your music and audio files as opposed to podcasts, though, one of the best music player apps for Android is PowerAmp. As a music player app in itself, it’s one of the best, but where PowerAmp really showcases its power is in its range of additional functions. These include high-resolution audio support, all-codec support, optional themes, a top-class graphical equalizer, tempo control, reverb effect, bass and treble adjustment, direct volume control, a sleep timer, lock screen options, an optional dynamic queue category, and so much more.

Exploring the new realities of entertainment

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It’s been a slower process than many pundits once thought, but virtual reality is finally staking its claim within the wider entertainment industry. VR offers an interactive computer-generated world in which people feel completely immersed in the setting because their vision is completely enclosed in the setting. Many Android devices are now compatible with the primary Android VR headset, the Google Daydream. Pixels, Samsung Galaxies, LG V30s, Moto Zs, Mate Pros, Asus’ ZenFone AR, and even ZTE’s Axon 7 are all compatible with the virtual reality headset, which works by simply slipping the mobile device into the lens cap.

There are many developers creating exciting and informative VR environments, but the virtual reality app with the most popular appeal is, undoubtedly, Netflix VR. Available for use with the Google Daydream, the Netflix VR app allows you to watch movies and shows on what seems like the biggest screen a living room could ever fit due to how the VR encloses you in the setting – which happens to be a very lavish living room.

Some people don’t want to put on the VR headsets, but still want to experience a new reality. Live streaming revolutionized the viewing experience, with hosts even catering to some interactions with live comments. For example, the entertainment app Betway has taken live streaming a step further. Through the app, players can get a virtual seat at a real table to play blackjack, roulette, or any other table game in real-time, transforming live streaming from a spectator experience to a hands-on form of entertainment.

Console and PC games now on mobiles

A great deal of the appeal that comes with the potential of having a gaming PC or a dedicated home console is that they are specifically-designed bits of hardware that offer the best gaming experience. As shown by the likes of Fortnite, however, there are many Androids that are now capable of playing console-worthy titles. In fact, there are apps entirely dedicated to bringing classic console games to mobiles, such as EmuBox and its SNES, NES, Game Boy, Nintendo DS, and PSX library of games. On the app, you can play games like Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing, Super Mario Bros, Harvest Moon, and Final Fantasy VI.

In terms of graphical fidelity, it’s usually the racing games or the best offline shooting games on Android which offer the best visual experience. For the best gameplay experience, a direct port of a PC game from Steam is one of the best options. It’s a tremendously deep game with a huge cult following: Game Dev Tycoon has managed to get its full PC offering on Android but with easier touch-screen controls. Better still, it’s about half the price on mobile than it is on PC.

However, none of this compares to what’s on the horizon. Last year, Google made a heavily-advertised leap into game streaming but, at least at launch, fell flat. The platform has gradually improved, finally bringing in some of the features promised from the start, but now it’ll have a competitor in the form of Microsoft’s xCloud. The two will battle for the title of being the top game-streaming service, which will allow people to stream video games from the cloud to a selection of Android smartphones via dedicated apps.

Android smartphones are far more powerful than their everyday uses would suggest, with these entertainment apps offering you a top-class, tech-pushing experience.

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