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6 Essential Apps to Help You Make the Most of Your Vacation


Summer is edging ever closer and, for a huge number of us, excitement is beginning to build about the prospect of enjoying some much-needed sun, sea and adventure during a vacation.

With so many of our lives feeling simply so much more busier than ever before, the chance to unwind and relax with loved ones is always welcome. Unsurprisingly, research has suggested that many people are hoping to enjoy a break across the coming months.

Fun in the sun

According to a study conducted by YouGov for Bankrate.com which was published earlier this year, just 15 per cent of people in the US have stated they cannot afford a summer vacation in 2019. The figure is less than the 24 per cent recorded last year, with those planning a break expected to spend on average $1,979.

Another poll suggested just how attractive the idea of a summer vacation is to many people, with the research by Accountemps finding that 58 per cent of workers actually save their vacation time specifically for use in June, July or August. Those living in Los Angeles, New York and Detroit were found to do it more than those in other cities, with workers planning to take an average of ten vacation days in the summer.

An essential tool

So, with anticipation and excitement building, how can those heading on vacation ensure they are fully prepared and equipped to get the best out of their breaks? Many people may not realize it, but an essential tool for a fun-filled and stress-free vacation may already be in their pockets or handbags right now.

We’re all aware of just how incredibly versatile smartphones can be these days and one area where they have truly excelled in recent years is in providing support for travel. There are a host of different apps now available which could prove useful regardless of where you are in the world and here we take a look at just six different types that could transform your break.

1. Review apps

This may seem like an obvious choice, but with good reason. While many of us try to plan ahead when going away, a review app like TripAdvisor is ideal for spotting hidden gems in terms of attractions, restaurants or hotels.

Whether you’re seeking an eatery which offers a specific type of cuisine or just want to find somewhere off the beaten track, this is an app would could point you in the right direction.

2. VPN apps

One type of app you may not have considered is a virtual private network – or VPN. Streaming content is a great way to keep little ones occupied on long journeys and such apps can help you access your favorite shows while you’re away.

As BestOnlineReviews.com outlines, there are many free VPN plans offers available, so why not try one of the apps out ahead of your vacation to see if it works for you.

3. Itinerary apps

If you want some peace of mind about your trip, an itinerary app along the lines of TripIt could prove useful. An effective little program, it allows you to send any travel details to an email address and then collates all the relevant information into the app.

Such a service can take the stress out of ensuring you have all the necessary documents and information to hand at any given time.

4. Flight tracker apps

Another little tool which could become an essential is a flight tracker app. A service like FlightBoard does exactly what you would expect, as it compiles departure and arrival information from thousands of airports into a single app.

If you’re heading on a trip which has transfers or is taking in several locations, this kind of app may help you make sense of it all.

5. Weather apps

We all want sunshine and blue skies when we head on a vacation, but sadly there are never any guarantees when it comes to the weather.

Apps which include forecast information could be useful when it comes to planning your days, as you might want to skip the beach and go sightseeing if the prospect of some sun is unlikely.

6. Translation apps

Depending on where in the world you are heading, a translation app can be handy to avoid any miscommunication mishaps.

Google Translate is an obvious option for this, alongside other apps including iTranslate and TripLingo.

Get the best from your break

Vacations are a great opportunity to take a break from everyday life, but they do not always go to plan and are not always straightforward.

Regardless of where you are heading, these apps should help you to take the stress out of your precious time away from home and ensure you’re able to keep the focus on having fun with your friends and loved ones.

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