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5 steps for starting your own news site

5 steps for starting your own news site


Today, there are millions of news sites and it has championed the local newspapers. While this is a welcome development, the downside is the increase in fake news. For longevity of your site you should shy away from this, as it can hamper your reputation.

The profit margin of news sites has also decreased compared to the era of newspapers due to the free viewing of news. The good thing is, new ways have been set up to cover the costs spent on getting news and also making some profit as well, but still only a few news sites make profits.

In this article we will cover this alongside how to set up, maintain and promote your news site effectively.

1. Make sure your site name and domain name are similar.

Your chosen domain name is your online identity. Sadly, most tend to settle on choosing a name for the website without putting much consideration into the domain name. It’s more preferable to go domain shopping till you find one that reckons with what your news site stands for. It also has to be memorable. Afterward, you can name your site after the domain name. This saves time and effort that would be spent on over-deliberating on a name.

Now that your domain name is ready, it’s time to host it. And there are some criteria to put in place because this is like your online home and all your images, files, codes, etc are housed there. First off, It is better to have data center of your web host is targeting country for e.g you need top UK web hosting if you are targeting UK for your news site. Opt for a commercial web host over a free one. The former gives you more control and several added features.

Note, there are millions of websites on the internet, so no matter how unique your domain name is, it would have been taken in some way. For instance, if your domain name is *indexed* there might be another domain almost similar to it named *indexed*. This can cause confusion so it’s best to find a name that is very unique with no closely related domain name available. You can make use of trademark searches, keyword searches, domain generators, and so on to ascertain its uniqueness.

2. Set Up Your Website

The layout you make use of is very important because this affects the news category you plan on going into. And if you aim to provide several news categories then you need to put them in different segments.

You can set up your website yourself if you’re very knowledgeable about creating a website and this isn’t your first time creating one, but if not it’s best you hire a team of web developers to set it up for you. They will work on the coding, software, and database (back end) as well as the design and interface (front end) of your site.

Since there are always new tools and upgrades which you might not easily be aware of or have a hard time understanding, web developers can make things very easy for you.

The Need For UX/UI

User Experience Design (UX) and User Interface Design (UI) are very important components to take note of. They are part of the basis that makes a visitor on your site become a regular.

What is UX Design

Customer satisfaction is paramount and ux design aims to improve the experience of visitors on your site. It involves the wireframing of an application and the structuring of its elements and components improves the flow of users.

What is UI Design

This focuses more on the presentation and interactivity of the site. This comprises of the screen, buttons, pages, etc on your site.

These two design concepts improve the content architecture on your news site and the user flow. They go hand in hand. If one is great and the other is poor it will tell on your site and drastically decrease the effectiveness of your site. Hire experts to do these for you.

3. Begin the hiring process

If you cover numerous news categories you’ll have a hard time running the website all by yourself. Besides, the style used in writing news articles differs from other content types. You need to be emotionally detached from the article, straight to be the point, and avoid sounding like you have a say in how events would turn out. What you feel doesn’t matter. Let the readers determine these feelings themselves. And if you can’t achieve all these then hire a writer.

Criteria for hiring

• put your budget into consideration.

• focus on capabilities in terms of value and professionalism

• review positions

• determine between in-house staffs or freelancers

• determine the pay grade

• review work ethics

4. Promoting your news site

Before you can become an authority site you need an array of promotions. SEO is one of the best ways to get noticed. But it isn’t an easy task and it takes some time before you start ranking. You need to speed up your site to around 8.66 and lower. Your site needs to be also well organized. If you get your ux/ui well you don’t need to worry at all. Then there is the need for also using keywords in not only your titles but also the subheadings and the contents.

Focusing on Seo alone won’t be enough. You need to also consider –

• Social media promotion – make sure you’re on all major social media platforms because clicks can come from any of them

• Email marketing campaign – offer your visitors a newsletter to sign up to which would keep them updated on daily happenings, and you can also use it as a marketing option.

• Online advertising – this can be in the form of banner ads, sponsored content, video ads, and so on.

5. Monetizing Your Site

You need to put this into consideration except if you plan on running your site as a hobby. Besides, you will need to cover the cost of your expenses.

You won’t start making money immediately because you will first have to increase user activity on your site.

There are various monetizing options you can consider –

• embedding banner ads on your site

• creating sponsored posts

• paywalls

• anti-ads subscription package

Now, it’s time for you to get started.

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