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4 Ways Technology Has Improved Therapy Treatment

4 Ways Technology Has Improved Therapy Treatment


Therapy is one of the ways used to help people get out of illnesses that drugs are not the final solution to. People go through challenges and issues that they cannot help themselves out of and as such they drown in these issues.

Social methods, psychological methods, nutritional methods, and more, as well as the use of drugs, are used in cases that require therapy. For example, Dementia is a condition in which a person loses his memory and seems not to remember anything. This is common with old people or people that have had chronic accidents that have interrupted their brain cells. With this kind of illness, therapy is one of the methods that can easily help the person out even though the process may be slow.

Overtime, there has been the use of manual means to take on therapeutic processes but upon the evolution of technology there has been the improvement with the way and manner therapy works for people. It actually makes the whole process a lot easier and more effective. The health sector has been able to undergo certain changes and there are advances to the way patients are treated.

Some of the ways are:

Telephone counseling: Patients sometimes may not have access to their doctors in cases of emergency. The coming of telephone counseling has made it easier for these patients to be helped especially by credible therapists who may seem to be very far away at the point they are needed. Telephone therapy is actually helpful, in a way.

Wii-Hab: this technological advance pushes the use of Nintendo Wii. Here, the games are transformed into therapy exercises. This makes the treatment fun and adds a little bit of competition to it. The same exercises that can be done in physical exercises can also be done with this game example bowling and boxing. The only thing is that you don’t get to swear as much as you would have.

Virtual Reality: VR creates a world that does not really exist other than in fantasy lane. It is interactive, immersive, and computer-generated. This novel technology is very vital for entertainment, training, tours and now it has been incorporated for therapeutic treatment. The environment that is visually created encourages the patient to interact and get new strategies for balance, coordination, and mobility.

Tele-Rehab: Technology has brought about the innovation of telemedicine that is being implemented in the health sector. This helps patients to get help when they need it, access the help of medical personnel, and help them to complete their treatment plans also. This has shifted to therapy treatment too. In past times, patients who were scheduled and finally run surgeries don’t finally come back to carry on post-surgery physical therapy. This can further lead to complications. With the help of this technological improvement, this can reduce fears and encourage the patients.

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