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4 Best Fitness Apps for Android to Help You Achieve Your Goals


Many people have become more conscious about their health and fitness and are ready to put in the effort to be healthy. To help them track various parameters such as weight gain, muscle development, work out progress, and other information, technology experts have come up with various apps.

These apps also have training guidelines, help those who want to keep fit do their workouts, and even monitor their progress.

Below are some fitness apps for Android that can help you have a healthy lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals:

Google Fit

Do you need to track your activities while being fitness conscious? Google Fit is the best app for that. It is free to download and use and has a modern user interface. It is also very user-friendly. This app will keep tabs on activities such as cycling, walking, and running and show you how many calories you have burned and the weight you have lost in a day. It utilizes the sensor in the user’s activity tracker or mobile device to take and keep data on fitness activities.

Google Fit captures your speed, pace, elevation, and other information and gives you real-time data on running, riding, and walking. What’s more is that the app can allow you to set goals on your time, distance, pace, speed, and calorie loss. The app is well-suited for home workouts and integrates fully with WearOS. It can also sync and obtain data from other fitness tracking apps.

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If you like to exercises daily, then the Runtastic app is perfect for you. Using GPS, the app tracks your jogging, running, and walking routes, and with that information, it comes up with detailed graphs and tables about your progress. Even on the treadmill and other gym equipment, Runtastic can come in handy.

Runtastic comes with other features like voice coaching, cheering, live tracking, and it also allows you to set your running goals. The best thing about this app is that it can allow you to share your success on Facebook and Twitter from your smartwatch. It also supports Google’s WearOS and is free of charges.

MapMyFitness Workout Trainer

With MapMyFitness, you can monitor and map all of your workouts and receive feedback to better your performance. The app caters to over 600 varying tracking activities including running, yoga, walking, cycling, cross-training, and many others. There are also calorie counting, weight tracking, diet planning, and nutrition functions. It can also give you audio feedback on all GPS-tracked physical activities together with personalized voice feedback. If you wish to avoid ads and unlock advanced features, you can get the premium version of the app.

Nike Training Club

Similar to Google Fit, Nike Training Club is among the topmost entirely free Android fitness apps without ads or in-app purchases. The app has over 160 free workouts in areas like strength, mobility, and endurance, and it gives options of three levels of difficulty.

This fitness tracker app also offers a wide variety of focused workouts for your abs, shoulders, triceps, and other body parts. It also enables users to monitor their fitness activities and record activities like running, playing basketball, and spinning. You can stream the app onto a television by using an HDMI cable, Chromecast, or Apple TV.

You can optimize your Android smartphone to keep fit using the above apps as well as others like Runkeeper, Strava, CalorieCounter, and others. Whether working out at home, in the gym, or on the playground, these apps are your best companions. They will help you to keep yourself motivated as you track your progress and offer guidance, thus making it easier to achieve your goals.

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