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3 Online Payment Methods Every Techy Can Trust

3 Online Payment Methods Every Techy Can Trust




As the hectic holiday shopping draws closer, the ease, simplicity, and convenience of online shopping  becomes as clear as ever. Of course, considering how popular online shopping is, it isn’t just around the holiday season that we comb through the web trying to find the best deals. Then, we have to consider all the other times we spend money online: to watch movies, play games and buy music.

We spend a lot of our money on the internet – it’s just become a part of everyday life. To keep up with the sheer amount of online spenders and tap into the huge industry, many companies have started creating their own online payment methods. With so many to choose from, how can we pick out the best payment methods? Well, we think we can help.

PayPal: The World’s Payment Processing Darling

Arguably the most popular online payment methods besides just using a debit or credit card, PayPal had to be the first on our list. According to Statista, in 2017 alone, the company made over $13 billion by providing services for around 254 million customers. PayPal operates in hundreds of markets around the world and offers almost as many different currencies, making it the easiest way to pay for items or transfer cash. Plus, they also have an app now that makes the whole process easier than ever and allows you to shop or send money straight from your mobile. Whether you’re shopping at sites like UNIQLO, stocking up on Nespresso, or even getting gas from Esso – PayPal’s probably a payment option.

InstaDebit: Canadian Casino &Online Shopping Hero

Next up we have InstaDebit. Now, unless you live Canada, chances are you haven’t heard of this service yet but, with the way things are going, it could very well become a worldwide phenomenon. Like PayPal, InstaDebit requires a personal account complete with your banking details and then simply handles the payment process or transfers for you. Numerous Canada-based shops use InstaDebit but it seems to be even more popular at online casinos. Super Lenny, Jackpot City, and Spin Palace are just some of the iGaming platforms that allow you to claim your winnings using InstaDebit. The fact that these big brand names use this payment method is impressive, considering keeping personal information is often a number one priority for online casinos.

Skrill: The Allrounder

Speaking of online casinos and gaming, Skrill seems to be a top choice for many of these platforms. It appears on some of the internet’s oldest casinos, which probably launched as far back as when Skrill was Moneybookers but is also mentioned in a review of the new Bob Casino, so it definitely remains a strong choice. Of course, it isn’t just iGaming platforms that use Skrill; every online-centric company from eGifter to GoDaddy has adopted the payment method. With it’s easy, free setup, low fees and innovative text message services we can certainly see why.

Other payment methods that we’d like to mention include Stripe, 2CheckOut and WePay, all of which offer some great services. There are plenty of other options out there, of course, so we’d like to know which payment services you would recommend to your fellow techies. Let us know in the comments below.

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