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How To Change VLC Media Player Skin 2018   Hey there, Today, I’ll tell you how you can change VLC media player skin on your PC. Now, Seeing it from the biological point of view, skins are essential to mankind. They keep us from walking around in “outfits” that only doctors can stand. Whoever thought […]
Best Google Chrome Extension 2018     Today we will be looking at the best Google Chrome extensions 2018. Best Google Chrome extensions 2018? Well, Yeah! I kinda did time travel to the future (2018).  So, you can be sure that these Chrome extensions are AMAZING. Personally, I’ve always had good experiences with Google. Just […]
Hey Guys! I am here to bring you an Amazing offer from Amazon. As you would already know, Amazon is actually the biggest online store in the world today. Are you a lover of Samsung devices like I am? You should check this out. This device has a lot of amazing features that’ll leave you satisfied […]