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Chrome Extensions For Designers That Aid You

Chrome Extensions For Designers That Aid You


Hey there reader.

I’d start this article by saying ”Thanks for being here”. I hope you enjoy your read.

Designers, designers, designers!!! Over the weeks we’ve been talking about extensions for internet users of all kinds and classes and now it’s your turn.

To become the better version of your design self, some tools are necessary and what better way to present those tools than in the form of Chrome extensions?

Here are 17 of our best Chrome extensions for designers.


List of Best Chrome Extensions For Designers



Chrome Extensions For Designers

The first chrome extension for designers I’ll talk about is Whatfont.

New and improved things are being put out every day and sometimes it helps to be able to get better on the spot. This applies to fonts used by designers as well. WhatFont lets you know what font is being used on a particular website by just hovering over it.

This comes in handy when you see fonts you’d like to apply to your work. It also detects the services used for serving the web font and supports Typekit and Google Font API.



Google Font Previewer

Sometimes seeing is all it takes to get it right. This extension lets you try out fonts from Google Font API directory and apply the font directly to an entire webpage or a specified CSS selector to see how it looks. This can come in handy when you’re trying to get a feel for how a font would look on a web page.

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Fontface Ninja

Chrome Extensions For Designers

Now here’s an extension with a little extra spice. Fontface Ninja doesn’t just tell you what font is used on a page but also lets you bookmark, buy or download the font (if it’s free). It goes beyond the font name and lets you know the line spacing, letter spacing, size, and color too!




Chrome Extensions For Designers

As a web or graphics designer, colors are important to you. They make or break any well thought out design. Colorzilla is that special chrome extension for designers that allows you get the color of any pixel on a webpage, acts as an advanced color picker (similar to Photoshop), analyzes and gives you the color palette for any site and generates CSS gradients as well.

There are a lot of possibilities with this extension and that’s why it’s on our list of best Chrome extensions for designers.



Eye Dropper

Chrome Extensions For Designers

You can pick colors from any website using this extension. It lets you pick colors from advanced color pickers and it also saves a history of the colors you pick together with a timestamp. This way, you can go back to pallets you’ve used before and pick the colors there.



Image Downloader

Chrome Extensions For Designers

Another chrome extension worthy of being on this list of best chrome extensions for designers is Image Downloader. This extension helps you save time by letting you bulk download all the available images found on any website.

You can select the images you want, filter them by width, height and URL and also download or open individual images in new tabs. It also lets you hide filters, buttons, and notifications that you don’t want.



Save to Google Photos

Chrome Extensions For Designers

Saving images you find online is a lot easier with this extension. You can access these images wherever you have an internet connection, regardless the device. You can remove duplicate photos and create multiple photo albums all with an unlimited storage space.

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Awesome Screenshot

Chrome Extensions For Designers

Screen capture gets a lot more interesting with this extension. You can record videos of your screen while browsing, screen capture for a full-page, blur parts of the screen you don’t want to be seen and even add explanatory comments (annotations). It supports PNG format, can save large images and also allows you to store on Google drive.



Google Art Project

It’s easy to get bored when your hobby becomes your job but there’s always a way out of the rut. This extension shows you a beautiful high-resolution picture each time you open up a new Chrome tab.

You can further click on these art pieces to see more details on them in the Google Cultural Institute website. The artwork ranges from Van Gogh to contemporary street artists and is refreshed daily to keep you going.





Pinterest is a sure way to get inspired by so many images. It has pictures for practically every topic you can imagine. The Chrome extension comes with a button attached to your Chrome browser toolbar so you can reach it easily.




Wookmark lets you save and bookmark images from all over the web, upload your creative output and also share with others. You can build boards of images based on your mood and discuss these images with other users. It’s the perfect way to get a pick me up while working.




Chrome Extensions For Designers

This extension allows you to turn any picture you find online into something Picasso might appreciate. With over 400 awesome effects, you can create your own visual art by just hovering over an image in your browser. It’s easy to use and you can share the art you create with everyone.




Chrome Extensions For Designers

You can design images that are ideal for different and specific social media by using this extension. With over 600,000 free images to pick from, all you need to do is choose the social media platform that you want to host the image. You can add text, filters or even upload your own images to work with.



Sumo Paint

Chrome Extensions For Designers

This right here is a great Chrome extension for designers. Of course, web designers can use it! As a matter of fact, anyone who loves to create beautiful images (without the Photoshop price tag) should get in on this.

The extension has a vast collection of image editing features, filters, effects and professional painting tools with over 300 brushes. Its features are highly comparable to those of Photoshop. Who says you can’t create art with less money?



CSS Shack

Creating website designs, mock-up apps and basically anything your imagination can come up with is easier with this chrome extension for designers. It allows you create layer styles (as you would on any other image editing software) and export them into a single CSS file. It can be used to create and maintain a style guide for website design.



Perfect Pixel

Chrome Extensions For Designers

Nobody likes to work hard at something that doesn’t turn out perfect. Perfect Pixel lets you do a 100% comparison of the pixels on any HTML page by putting a semi-transparent image overlay over the page. This way, you can have perfect accuracy per pixel. It also saves your overlays between each browsing session.



Chrome Daltonize

A good design can only be appreciated if it is seen but how can that happen when 1 out of every 20 computer users is color blind? Chrome Daltonize uses daltonization to help you create designs in a way that reveals color to color-blinded users. You can also simulate and see how it would be seen through their eyes. Now your designs can be truly appreciated for the awesome beauty they are.



And that’s it, We’ve come to an end on this article on best Google Chrome extensions for designers. You might not be able to install and activate all the plugins in this article, you could, however, choose one that suits you.


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