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15 Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers | Must Use Extensions

15 Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers | Must Use Extensions


Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers



google chrome extensions for bloggers


In the 21st century, blogging is almost everything.

It will be everything once we can download food from blogs. Until then, it remains one of the most flexible means to share stuff with the rest of the world while earning a living, sometimes.

While some bloggers rake in a decent pay, others don’t but they mostly have one thing in common- passion, for money or for the cause they champion.

Whether you do this for the love or with money on your mind, here are some decent extensions to make you the best version of a 21st-century blogger.

Hey, I am a blogger remember? So, I know what I’m talking about.

Extensions, on the other hand, are what most of us ”can’t live without”.

They help make stuff easier for you. In the past, I have written articles pertaining to Google Chrome Extensions, articles like Best Chrome Extensions For Downloading Videos,  and  25 Best Google Chrome Extensions.

This article is centered on Google Chrome extensions for bloggers, I hope you like it.


List of Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers


gmass chrome plugin

Networking is important and sometimes we need to reach out to a million and one people at the same time. It can be majorly tasking to do this one at a time. Gmass efficiently helps you send as much as 10,000 emails at the same time by just creating a Google spreadsheet with the emails you need to send to and connecting it to Gmass. Isn’t life just beautiful?


This next extension is totally worthy of being on our list of Google Chrome extensions for bloggers. Imagine having sent all those emails to say 1000 people and then you later realize that you made a lot of grammatical errors? I’m guessing that would be bad for business.

Grammarly is an ever efficient spelling and grammar checker that ensures that you don’t make a fool of yourself to people who should take you seriously. It defines words, suggests alternatives to them, can be genre specific and even detects when a work is plagiarized. This way you can be sure to waltz through emails and write-ups feeling like you actually took your English teacher seriously.


Just like piecing jigsaw puzzles, broken link building can be a chore but unlike building jigsaw puzzles, it’s not fun. Link Miner highlights the broken links on a page in red, making them visible and easy to find.

You can get more data about the links you’re building, export all the links from the page you’re currently viewing and even find out how many total and external links are on the page. One more awesome feature is how it displays important SEO metrics for Google search results in just one click.


This Google Chrome extension for bloggers shows its true worth if you use Google AdSense (or any other ad app like AdExchange) to make money on your blog. It gives you a detailed overview of all the ads that appear on your blog.

With a simple bar showing over your ads, you get to see basic details about the ad like its size, the Advertiser’s name, and display URL. Clicking on this overlay gives you more details like the buyer name, a link to the ads landing page and the performance metrics of the ad. The extension comes with a toolbar icon in your Chrome browser. Clicking on this icon gives you an account overview pop-up that gives you a summary containing how much the ads on your site are making you over time.


I’ve mentioned this extension in some other article and I’m repeating it because the need to stay focused cannot be overemphasized for bloggers. Some bloggers work from home or from a “comfortable” position where we have a ton of distraction. To top it off, social media doesn’t help us be on our focus A-game and this extension helps with that.

The social media and internet part, of course. The rest…oh well. Moving on,

StayFocused acts as an online parent that lets you use certain websites you consider distracting for a set time. When that time runs out, it blocks the website, making it inaccessible until the same set time the next day, causing you to Stay Focused!


Ever stumbled upon a link to an article or content you’d just love to view while scrolling through something equally important? Have you? Me too. What do you do? Create another tab and then another and then another, until you’re drowning in a sea of 40+ tabs right?

Here’s a solution. Save to Pocket allows you save these articles for later and arranges them so you can conveniently finish off what you’re doing without having a cluttered workspace. It saves even links to pages that haven’t loaded so you don’t have to wait and best of all, it’s synced to all your devices and you can read the articles even without an internet connection. 


The next man on our list of Google Chrome extensions for bloggers is ”OneNote clipper”. This extension lets you clip any part or all of a webpage so you can view it later and even offline. From images to PDF’s and videos on YouTube, you can clip anything you like, make notes and highlights, send it to OneNote and have it synced to your devices. Once again, the world of technology gives us a way out of tab clutter.


It’s hard to consistently deliver the right product without customer feedback and you might keep firing without ever hitting the bull’s eye. Page Analytics shows you what gets your viewer’s attention including what they click or don’t click. The metrics it shows you include: In-page click analysis, Average time spent on page, Bounce rate, Exit and the number of active visitors, in real time. This helps you optimize your blog based on user preferences.


Like a diligent school timetable, this Google Chrome extension for bloggers gives you a work and break time period that is enforced so strictly that the only way to stop the workflow once it begins is to restart your browser or disable the extension altogether.

It comes pre-loaded with a list of “distracting” websites that it blocks during the work period but you can add others by creating your own blacklist. You can also create a “whitelist” containing the only websites you wish to allow during your work period. Its default setting is a 25 minute work period that is followed by a 5 minute break period and just like shampoo, you lather, rinse and repeat this process until your work is done.


google chrome extensions for blogger

This extension is great for replicating colors you see on pictures and web pages. Just take a snapshot of the page and use your mouse cursor to pick the color(s) you want to use. It‘s that simple.


google chrome extensions for bloggers

If you’re like me who leaves up a lot of tabs for the sake of later (which never comes sometimes) and ends up getting lost in a sea of said tabs, then this one’s for you. TabSnooze makes the tabs you’re not using disappear and come back later when you need them. When the tabs have been restored, you receive a notification and the tab stays, marked as new until you open it. I’m for clearing tab clutter and this one works just fine.


Here’s a not so known name in the Google Chrome extensions for bloggers world. It allows you print a webpage online and removes all the extras (ads, navigation, and junk) you don’t need before it prints. You can also edit the webpage yourself by removing images and texts you don’t want so you can save ink. You can turn these web pages into PDF files which include clickable links and source URL, and save or share or simply archive them.


We sometimes forget what we have to do when we have to do it and before we know it, the time has waved us goodbye. This extension allows you to set your priorities for the day, week and month, while it counts down. Every time you open a new tab on your browser, it shows you your priorities and how far you’ve gone with achieving them in percentage marks. You can change the background color to suit your mood if you’re not feeling so motivated to work. Great extension for blogger.


Hunter helps you find the emails and social network contacts of anyone behind a website. When you’re browsing a webpage and you click on the icon, it gives you the list of people related to the website and their professional emails, social networks and the sources this data was collected from. For every detail given, it gives you a percentage confidence mark to show the accuracy of the information with a ‘+’ sign beside the person to save the contact in a list. 


Of all the Google Chrome extensions for Bloggers that I have written on this post, I must say that this one has a special place heart.

Don’t get me wrong, all the Google Chrome for bloggers listed are special and unique in their own way.

With all that you have one your plate, it’s easy to forget passwords. LastPass ensures that you’re never locked out of any account by keeping all your passwords in a vault. All you need to remember is your LastPass master phrase and you’re good to go.



Okay, guys, that’s basically all I have got. Thanks for stopping by to read. I hope you enjoy using the Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers listed in this article. If you encounter any issues while using any of these plugins do not be silent about it. And hey! Techytab is open to suggestions, if there’s an amazing Google Chrome extension for bloggers that you are using, tell me about it via the comment section or contact page and I will be sure to add it to this list of best Google Chrome extensions for bloggers

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