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13 Best Smartwatches For Men That You Can Buy In 2021

13 Best Smartwatches For Men That You Can Buy In 2021


A watch in time saves nine. Seize your moment!

Wristwatches are one of the coolest things to have on you.

It gives a spark to your dress sense as well as keeps you updated on the best things that could happen around.

Looking good and clean is great but coordinating yourself is better.

You don’t need to pull out your cell phone to get a peep at the hour of the day or to know how many minutes are left for you to meet up with Mr. Cosmos.

Even in your seminar, your mini alarm clock doesn’t necessarily have to buzz and interrupt the entire meeting as long as you have your portable smart wrist watch for men on you.

Technology just got everything better for us all thanks to Apple, Huawei, Samsung, ASUS, Motorola and a host of some other strong brands.

Now, this does not mean that these smartwatches just came into being, they were just modified to fit the present.

So, pause!

Take a peep into this article and you would realize the great benefits you can acquire from owning one of the top 13 best smartwatches for men.

 Best Smartwatches For Men 2021

 Huawei Watch 2

This watch stands undeniably among the 13 best smartwatches. Its features are just exceptional. It has a continuous heart rate monitoring feature. It has great sporty features. It also has inbuilt GPS and Android Pay compatibility.

As an exercise guru, it is designed to give accurate steps count and distance calculator. It runs on the improved android wear 2.0.

This is the best Android 2.0 wear tested so far. The battery rate is accurate and it helps the watch 2 stand out distinctively above other watches in its category.

The sadder thing about this piece of beauty is that it doesn’t have a built-in cellular modem for untethered internet access and phone calls like its companions. The AMOLED display measures 1.2 inches and features 390-by-390 pixel resolution. The weight of this watch is 2.08 0unces and that is approximate to the Apple Watch Nike+. Some time ago, some Wi-Fi issues were faced while testing the watch. This should be a software issue and will be corrected subsequently.


Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

This is one of the 13 best smartwatches for men 2021 because of these improved features. As the name goes, it creates the option of versatile designs, with numerous customizable clock faces, straps, and color options.

The watch is sleek on the wrist. It has numerous designs and style options. It has a fitness tracker that is precise and has guided training with a Fitbit coach. It is able to store music on the watch.

The battery life is strong. It is estimated at over four days while charging from 0% to 100% takes about two hours. It can also create a provision for female health tracking. This watch is recorded as one of the first to do this.

It is truly hybrid as it works for both IOS and android phones. You know that whatever has advantages must also have disadvantages. With this watch, the strap swapping is not too easy and then the bezel is thick. That just should not stop you from getting this one. This one in particular!


Fitbit Ionic

This is Amazingly outstanding! The Fitbit Ionic is a supermodel watch that is why it is in the category of the best smartwatches for 2019. Most times you could get super confused if you stand before a Fitbit Ionic watch and an Apple Watch series 3.

It has a vibrant screen and also interchangeable straps. It can be safe for swimming as well. Exceptional battery life and smart notifications. It has in built GPS and NFC. It has Pandora integration and an open SDK for application developers.

The fitness tracker feature is just too good. Just like the apple watch, the straps are swappable. It saves 2.5GB for music storage.

The hardware is notably different from other Fitbit watches. As an exercise companion, the Fitbit Ionic watch is accurate and delivers excellently. Its disadvantages are not too pressing. It’s just that it has its bezel at the bottom and it is thick. The case easily scratches and can be overly expensive.


This is not even a competition. Apple watch series 4 is a smartwatch to beat. When you feel like owning one of the best smartwatches then let your wrist fit perfectly into this.

It has a large screen, good call quality, ECG capabilities, and other fun features. The optical sensor on the base of the watch is now bordered by an electrode which is meant to enable the electrocardiogram readings in Apple’s upcoming ECG app. It also has this call detection feature. Watch OS5 is dope and stylish. But then, these kind of gadgets are way expensive. The battery life remains unchanged and then no built-in sleep tracker. In comparison to the previous models, it has a more advanced heart rate monitoring features.


apple watch series 3

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But this apple watch series 3 keeps both the doctor and lateness far away from you.

Apple has been able to merge the LTE capability and a faster dual-core processor into the series 3 without making it look so bulky.

It has a multi-frequency antenna and uses an integrated eSIM card instead of a slot for a removable card. In contrast to the thickness, the apple watch is only extended by 0.25mm in comparison to the apple watch series 2. It also has a W2 wireless chip which is faster for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speed. The only noticeable bad feature is the red dot on the digital crown which differentiates it from other models.

The apple watch series 3 is water resistant but it is not advisable to use it below shallow depths. The cellular connectivity allows it to be used to take calls, reply messages, talk to Siri and use a map without needing the services of a smart phone. Streaming of Apple Music via the phone can be effective if the phone is too bulky to be taken out for work outs. It has fitness trackers as well as heart rate monitors. This watch can be sort of expensive and LTE drains battery rapidly.


 Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch

The Samsung smartwatch is really remarkable on paper. Among the 13 best smartwatches for men in 2021, you can find this beautiful edifice there. This is a freaking cool piece of beauty. Smart in all ramifications and ready to work the android way. It makes calls, it plays music, it runs apps, it tracks steps, it shows widgets, it sends texts, and it lets you pay with your credit card. That’s a lot smart, isn’t it? Sure! You just can’t doubt. But this one! It’s bulky, really expensive, it requires a lock with a PIN and doesn’t synchronize with popular fitness apps. Pick one and you won’t regret it.


Samsung Galaxy Watch

Among the 13 smartwatches for men, you will see the Samsung Galaxy watch 3 topping the chart. It has this beautiful battery capacity that can last up to five days on a single charge.

The screen is brittle and is purely AMOLED. The Bezel is a rotating type. Super water and dust resistant. The Samsung Galaxy watch 3 is one of the top-notch watches you can find.

This watch is largely expensive but if you need something quality then don’t expect to pick anything less. This version is 46mm and is heavy but it has almost all the smart qualities you deserve. And here, the fitness tracking accuracy is not up to average in testing.


 Samsung Gear Sport

In the category of best smartwatch for Android, this piece is dear.

The Samsung Gear Sport is a Tizen-based smartwatch with a fitness concentration that is a big fit for the cash paid.

Android wear is a top shot for these brand of watches and Samsung has chosen not to carry last in making effort to top the chart with products in this class. Like the name goes, it is spotty and sleek as well.

You wouldn’t even notice it on your wrist. It measures 0.5 by 1.6 by 1.7 inches (HWD). And weighs 1.7 ounces.

The battery life is impressive. Even though it does not match up to the Fitbit Ionic but it is a sure banker above other average watches. But dang! This watch requires multiple phone apps and also has mixed fitness tracking performance in testing.

This is not too good but then if you want something better than average, then I suggest you go for this.


 LG Watch Style W270

For men, this is rating on the best 13 smartwatches. It gives style and poise to your spark dressing. This watch is powerful with some really great features it has.

It unites fashion and functionality better than most smartwatches in its category.

But then it would have to sacrifice some features in the process. The LG Watch Style is the glacial reverse of its family, the LG Watch Sport. Where the style is small and light the sport is gigantic and heavy.

The style features a 1.2 inch plastic OLED display with a resolution of 360 for 299 pixels per inch. One of the downsides of this is that the strap is not made from quality leather and could crinkle around the buckle after few days of usage.

And here too, the battery life can be really disappointing. Apparently, you would need to charge the watch every night and sometimes in the middle of the day. But all the same, the LG Watch Style is good for your looks.


Fossil FTW1161 Hybrid Smartwatch

This smartwatch gives the fitness of being in the category of the best smartwatches for men. It is highly stylish and could show its smart skills openly.

They could easily pass for traditional and mechanical watches but these beauties have Bluetooth connectivity that enables a variety of other functions.

It gives so much comfort on the wrist. Among the category of watches in the Fossil category, the Q Commuter is one of the few to be hybrid in nature. The distinguishing feature this type has is its ability to quickly find out how long it takes to get to work. It also has a distinct ability to track your steps like a simple pedometer. Sleep tracking is precise as well.


Ticwatch S Smartwatch-Knight

This is an added refined smartwatch with a budget price tag. It is affordable and comfortable with a nice design. Although it is a little bit heavy because of the thick bezel around the sides but it can also serve to show you the precise time.

A GPS sensor comes with a particular strap. It disadvantages has it that it lacks NFC and the straps can’t change. It is somewhat more expensive than its brother, the Ticwatch E, but then both are easily affordable. Among the list of 13 best smartwatches for men, you can find this awesome piece there.


ASUS WI503Q-SL-BG ZenWatch 3

This brand may not be doing so well as a smartphone but as a smartwatch, it is exceptional. It looks absolutely good on your hands. Its hardware is speck! This is one of the few smartwatches for men that come with an almost bezel-less design.

The face of this smartwatch is covered with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass and it can withstand scratches and other marks. It has a good battery life as it can carry for up to an approximate of two days. It comes with a fitness tracker although it is not properly accurate. And the charging dock feels cheap.


 Garmin Fenix 3 HR

Whoa! This is sweet for the category of the 13 best smartwatches for men. It is purely and incredibly amazing. It has a perky display and comes fully loaded.

The body of this watch can take up some harsh feat but still remains bold and beautiful. This is due to the materials used to construct this. This has by far, the best battery capacity.

With just one charge, it can last for up to a week. The GPS feature is topping the list of great features. Fenix 3 is also water resistant and it uses its own OS to function effectively. One turn off here is in the comparison to other Garmin products since they have activity trackers and this one doesn’t have that feature. And it does not support on-watch maps.



To own any of these watches may cost you a fortune but it is worth the try. I mean, it keeps you in check and helps your daily movement make a lot of sense to you.

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