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10 Best Spyware Apps For Android

10 Best Spyware Apps For Android


Best Spyware Apps For Android

Introducing the new and improved, latest and Best Spyware Apps For Android that will help you stay alert and apprise of any threat against your Android device and spy on recorded calls and text messages on another Android device. It’s a thing of joy when your Smartphone is squicky clean of all malicious spyware threats when you can transfer data in and out of your device and also when you can surf the internet and confidently download files without fear of someone peeping into your device via mobile. once you have the app you can control what to see on an Android device and also control who sees what on yours.

For a long period of time, we have undoubtedly believed that mobile spying apps have been designed for parents to only watch over their kids, but that is not where their major use stops. Spyware apps For Android are now being used by suspicious employers, family members and even by a marital partner, either for safety or to look for signs of infidelity in their marriage. It doesn’t really matter why you need a spyware app on your Android device since you are here searching for one, have a look at the list of the top 5 Best Spyware Apps For Android.



List Of Best Spyware Apps For Android

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is one of the top-notch spy apps on Android today with amazing features that help parents to protect and monitor the activities of their employees at work and even also their children. This app can work and give you the desired satisfaction you want from it. Track and record activities like calls and text messages on another person’s Android device.

You can intercept calls from one phone to the other, text messages and a lot of other activity that might occur on the Android device that you are trying to track and keep an





mSpy is offering all traditional spyware features to let you monitor anyone’s phone and computer. One of the coolest things about this app is its ability to monitor Snapchat. mSpy has been designed for parents and guardians who want to protect their kids from cyberbullies and harmful information, manage their screen time and apply other parental controls. It can also be used for other spying motives. Its Basic Edition is a bit costly but the Premium Edition is its value pack and it also supports advanced spying features. Everything about mSpy is great and that’s why it’s #2 on our list. There are a few drawbacks too such as they lack live customer support.






Spyera is a mobile spyware app that lets you snoop on phone calls and even access the microphone of the target phone to listen to everything that’s happening near the smartphone. If that’s not enough to make you admire this app, Spyera can also track your instant messages and texts, upload copies of the photos you take, spy on conversations held through other apps like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc., log everything the user types, and even use the camera to spy on the person physically.

The only thing about Spyera that might make you change your mind about buying is its price, it’s quite high in price, but very effective once you buy and start using it.






FleixSpy shares the same features as most of the mobile spyware apps available in the market. It lets you monitor text messages, track someone’s location, their passwords, web browsing activities and even spy on social media apps such as Line, Skype, Facebook messenger, Hike Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and Hangouts.

The best thing about this app is its hidden from the task manager so the owner of the phone will never figure out someone is monitoring them. It can be used to monitor both Android and iPhone devices (jailbreak required). Full access and full benefits.




Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile offers a nice set of features at a great price. It has been designed for keeping tabs on your children and employees to make sure they are not mishandling the company’s information. This mobile spying app has the ability to access messages and data that have been deleted. It has great remote control features too.

You will be attracted to buy Highster Mobile since it just costs $69.99 and it’s a one-time fee but lots of users have complained that it’s a disappointment.  They lack customer support and there are very limited tutorials or guides available on their website. You may not be happy with the apps services after the purchase. So, don’t settle for anything less just because it’s cheaper.




Get your Phone under control and control the movement and activity of another. It can be done, it is no longer impossible, all you have to do is download this app and start spying on the people you want to. PhoneSherrif helps you to keep a close eye on the activities of your own Android device. Someone from nowhere can come and take your Android device and start going.

With the help of this amazing app, you can literally block access to your private and inappropriate stuff on your Android device, no need of always being selfish with your smartphone, you can give out your phone and rest easy, because you know that your private and stuff are well hidden and protected. Noone can even delete any of your files from your Android device without your say so.





TheTruthSpy is one of the most widely used spyware apps on Android today, with a feature that will help you keep in touch with what is need to be kept in touch with. This app is sometimes used by companies to keep an eye on their workers and their activities during working hours. Also very helpful in checking up on your children at home and making sure they are behaving, someone can say this app is a mobile nanny.

Gps tracking is key in making sure this app work to the ‘T’ so always be alert and ensure that your children are in good hands even when you bring a nanny to the house to keep watch of your kids, who is keeping watch of your nanny? that is why you need this app.





Ispyoo is one of the Best Spyware App among my list of Best Spyware Apps For Android. No doubt that you can get the full benefit from this app, if you have an app like this, you don’t need to have another app competing with this on your Android device, so get to work and start downloading.

Hack someone’s device and monitor them without their knowledge, now you won’t be monitoring for bad though, you’ll be monitoring your children, if you’re a parent and workers if you’re the boss and monitor them with good intentions. Keep an eye on your loved ones at all times, a new way to care for your loved ones from afar, crazy right? That’s what it’s all about.





Spyzie is a really amazing spyware app for Android that allows you to monitor a whole lot of people at the same time. A whole lot of cool features to enable the spyware and make it effective, there are screenshots to be made, call and text messages to be recorded and a lot more to come.

Now, one downside about this app is the fact that this app requires your Android device to be rooted before you can activate the spyware features and before any real monitoring can take place. So if your Android device ain’t rooted, try and do so, if you’re among those that don’t like rooted devices, like me, you can try out another amazing spyware app on my list of Best Spyware Apps For Android.





MobiStealth is a top-notch spyware app with high-level features and high-end protection and monitoring ability. No dull monitoring moment with an app like this, monitor anyone and any device you wish, all by just a tap. You can record calls, text, and other relevant information, you can even track a device even when it’s Gps is turned off temporarily.

There is a live chat section in the app where you can get more information and contact the customer care of the app for help if there is any misbehavior in the app. The app has its own in-built features that allow it to work after exiting the app, background access is unlimited with MobiStealth. Just as the name implies you can monitor in stealth mode undetected and gather all the necessary information you want and protect what you wish to protect.




Best Spyware Apps For Android

You have nothing but the best of the best of all the spyware apps that are littering the net as we speak, so all you have to do is to go and find them, but not to worry, I have personally chosen a handful of the Best Spyware Apps For Android that will help you accomplish your goal, your Android device is called a smartphone, so let it work smartly for you.

Relive yourself of some stress of worrying what your workers, colleagues, and children are doing when your not around or without your knowledge.

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