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9 Best Educational Apps For Android Ensured To Kill Boredom

9 Best Educational Apps For Android Ensured To Kill Boredom


There are plenty of educational apps for Android out there that can actually teach you one or two things while you wait for that bus, or sit in a waiting room.

Here are 10 of the best educational apps for Android that you’ll want to download on your Android phone right away.

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List Of Educational Apps For Android


 Udacity (Free + additional charges)

If you want to take a course these days, you don’t have to go through a college or university. There are apps that will help you do this right from your phone, as Udacity is one of the best. There are thousands of free courses to choose from. You can also pay a fee of $200 to coach, feedback from professionals, and verified certification. “This is a great way to get an education while you’re on the go,” says teacher Timothy Adams from Reviewal. “It’s made education much more accessible to all.”



 Star Walk (Free)

This app offers you an exciting way to view the night sky. Using augmented reality, you can view the sky through your phone, as the app names stars and constellations for you. It also has a celestial event calendar, so you won’t miss a thing.



 Brainscape (Free + subscription service)

Flashcards have long been a favorite of studious learners, and this educational app for Android brings them to your phone.

It uses just the right amount of time per flashcard so you can retain the information you’re seeing. What’s better, it’s free to create and share flashcards via this service. Premium subscriptions allow you access to extra features, such as bookmarks and the removal of ads.



 Ready4 SAT (Free)

If you’re studying for your SATs, this is the app for you. It’s designed not only to help you excel in the exams but to really help you retain the information you’re learning. You can keep track of your learning, and compare your scores to the requirements to many different colleges around the world. It’s a great way to stay motivated to learn.



 Photomath (Free)

Do you struggle with math problems? Then this is the app for you. “You use this app by taking a photo of the problem you have,” says student Jennifer Gardener from UK Services Reviews. “Then, it breaks down the problem for you, showing you how to solve it.” It’s the next best thing to having a real live math tutor with you as you do your homework.



 EDx (Free + additional charges)

This is another app that lets you access online courses right from your phone. The benefit of this app is that it lets you access courses from such institutions as Harvard University, and other distinguished places of learning. You can earn certificates through this app for learning, although it’s worth knowing that some will cost extra to access.



 My Study Life (Free)

This app promises to do away with the paper planner that most students use. Parent Fiona Andrews from UK Top Writers says, “It’s been great for my children as they haven’t been able to lose information, or even the planner themselves, as they often do with paper ones.

It keeps all the information in one place so it can be checked right away.” There are features such as reminders when assignment due dates are coming up too, so it’s incredibly useful for any student.



 One Note (Free)

Every student needs a good note-taking app and this one that comes preloaded with any device with Windows 10 on it. It’s great if you use touchscreens, as you can write notes directly into it using the stylus, or take photos with your device. It’s a great all in one tool that more students are starting to use now.



 StudyBlue (Free + additional charges)

This app is a popular one with learners. It offers a crowdsourced library of flashcards and quizzes, designed to help you learn more about any subject. Once you do a quiz, it will record your score so you can come back and beat it later. It’s amazing how much more engaging it makes the studying process.




Having these educational Apps will help you achieve a lot. I hope you had fun reading this article. Let me know your thoughts after downloading any of the Apps listed above.

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