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11 Best Dating Apps For Android 2021 | Hook Up Right Away!!!

11 Best Dating Apps For Android 2021 | Hook Up Right Away!!!


What are the top dating apps? Well, there are the ones that get you hooked up in no time.

Finding a perfect partner for a relationship wasn’t quite easy before now, but the internet and our smartphones have made it easier to get hooked up with folks from around the world.

Most people, especially guys find it difficult to approach a lady and tell her how he feels.

But that problem has been solved with the aid of some best dating apps for android. With these apps, you can get to meet someone special, someone, that shares the same interest as you and more.

Nowadays, you can even find your perfect match without having to shower or brush your teeth!

So whether you are looking for a soul mate or looking for someone fun, kindly check the list of best dating apps for Android below.


List Of Best Dating Apps For Android



Best dating apps for android This baby here is one of the best dating apps for Android, a place where ladies rule the game.

Bumble app will match you up like normal after creating accounts but ladies initiates the conversations at first.

The lady has about 24 hours to accept you. After accepting, you will be given 24 hours to reciprocate.

In so many cases this app has worked perfectly well but it has plenty of bugs and some issues that need to be fixed.

So many people lay complaints about scammers invading this app but I’m pretty sure the developers are working on something to improve the app.


Sometimes you want a basic random chat website, and sometimes you want one with a few bells and whistles to jazz up the experience. If you’re looking for the second option, ChatSpin might just be your next favorite random chat website. You don’t even have to register in order to start chatting, but if you do, you’ll get all kinds of fun perks. Follow other user profiles, or use gender and location filters – all great ways to make new friends even faster. 

If you don’t want to stick with using only the ChatSpin website, you don’t have to – they have an app that’s compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Plus, you can actually find a couple of extra features on the app. Filter by shared interests in addition to gender and location, and send an introductory message to each new chat partner to make a good first impression. 


Coffee Meets Bagel

Best dating apps for android This app is one of the most popular dating apps for android.

Well, this app gives both men and women equal chances of finding true love.


Every afternoon, men get a compiled list of women based in their area and the same goes for the women but their’s will prioritize men who have already expressed interest in them.

Your matches are also given chances to join you in a private chatroom where you guys will get a chance to know each other better. This app runs a clean process and is very convenient for people with busy lifestyles.

This app is free to use, but if you wish to get featured and stay visible for more people to view your profile. Then you have to purchase some beans through in-app purchase.



Best dating apps for androidHappn is a dating app for android with about 10 million users around the world.

It makes use of GPS to find people around your area who are also using the app.

Once anyone has been matched with you, It shows up on your dashboard, then you can choose whether to connect and chat with them.

You can also buy coins to boost your popularity and visibility just like in coffee bagel.


Match Dating

Best dating apps for android Match dating app is one of the best traditional dating app based on your areas.

This app can be used for many things like rating your daily matches, exchange messages with people, and search for people.

There is also a web version of this app, which you have to use first in order to master the services of there mobile app. The web version can be accessed via www.match.com

This app can serve as a companion to the real thing and can get your, true love, too😍.

Also, it is a free app to use.


Meet Me

Best dating apps for android Meet me dating app is another best dating app for android that is location based.

This app has a nice friendly user interface which is very colorful.

This app has about 100 million downloads on the Google play store and its main aim is to meet new people and interact with them. The biggest fault of this app is that there are too many fake profiles due to the rate of fraudulent activities in the world.

Well, I strongly believe that the developers of this app are strongly working to reduce the rate of fake profiles.


OK Cupid Dating

Best dating apps for android As well know, Better dates come from better connections.

So, OK Cupid dating app is here to make sure that happens. This app is one of the most popular best dating apps for android which has about 40 million users worldwide.

This app is very easy to set up firstly you will be asked some questions about your personal life, interest and much more.

It also has some cool modern features like swiping through profiles and so on.

You can also purchase the premium package of this app by subscribing for a monthly plan which will enable you to. Unlock all good features of this app.

This app may have many issues and bugs, but it is still worth giving a try.



Best dating apps for android This app here is one of the essential most used dating apps for android.

I guess you have probably heard of this one, you can easily get matches just by flicking through profiles.

If you get to find your perfect match you can easily start up a conversation for him or her with no much stress.

This app can be used for almost everything related to dating like Hookups, one night stands and so on.

Too bad the apps face some challenges like bugs and too many fake accounts, which I’m sure that the developers are working on fixing it.

You might be surprised to see your single celebrities rocking this app too 😉.



Best dating apps for android You can’t get to compile a list of best dating apps for android without including this baby.

This app is one of the most popular apps for dating and has too many users. It’s a kind of standard dating app that can get you any type of relationship you need.

To use this app, all you have to do is create an account, meet people and explore the world of zoom for your perfect match.

There are two things that might be a hindrance for you to enjoy zoosk.

They are; buying coins for your popularity and visibility and a subscription that is neither expensive nor cheap.

This app is worth giving a try.


Sugar Momma Dating

Best dating apps for android The last app on our list of best dating apps for Android is an app that hooks you up with matured women.

This app aims at making it easier for a rich matured woman to get young vibrant guys either for a one night stand or for a relationship.

This app has a nice user interface which is super clean and will also help you get to know around the app on first launching.

Also, this app is not filled with lots of fake profiles unlike other dating platforms but they are filled with real matured women looking for young blood. You can get to hook up with them, check the hot list for any man of your choice and so much more.

This idea of this app isn’t a bad one and it’s worth trying out.



We have gotten to the end of this interesting topic which I strongly believe will help you find love through the internet. My favorite best dating apps for Android is the Meet Me App. It is my best dating app because it is simple to use, has a nice user interface and is totally free to use.

Lastly, in case we didn’t include any of your favorite dating app for Android.

Kindly use the comment box

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